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Hi Everyone, This week we’d like to tell you about a really cool cat product we stumbled upon.The Cat Solarium is a completely new and innovative product design as a stylish, open­air feline sun room with the panoramic view.

A true solarium just for cats. We sat down with with James and Melissa from Cat Solarium to hear more about one of the most talked about cat products of 2017

Q1: Please Introduce Yourself To Our Community

The Cat SolariumWe are Melissa Hargett & James Cramer, the co-owners of The Cat Solarium. The unique, open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. The Cat Solarium allows your indoor cat outside safely. It is an open air sun room which fits in most common windows of houses, apartments, and businesses.

The Cat Solarium has a complete 180-degree frontal view and also a full sky view. The overhead roof made of scratch-resistant plexiglass which provides a great overhead vista of the sky, as well as, any of nature’s creations.

Q2: Tell More About The Idea Behind Cat Solarium?

The Cat Solarium Ideas

The idea to make a cat window box came from James and was created slightly by accident. After graduating from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Al., James founded 3 very successful companies in Tuscaloosa and then bought a townhouse that was on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

At the time, James was working about 80 hours a week. His cat was stuck at home all day without any contact. He wanted the cat to have a way to get outside and not be bored all day. Knowing that all cats want to be outside, he had an idea: “The Cat Solarium”. So, he built the very first Solarium and installed it into a 3rd story bedroom window. Both Cat and human were very happy.

Fast forward twenty or so years, the original Cat Solarium is still in a window at his house, now in Florence, Alabama. April 2015, James decided to start manufacturing them and launched Now, he is providing a way to let indoor cats outside safely. Cats have the best of both worlds, actually outside yet enclosed for safety.

Q3: What Makes The Cat Solarium So Special?

why The Cat Solarium is special
What makes the Cat Solarium so special is that your cat can be outdoors yet safe from attacks from other animals and disease.

With fatal diseases like Feline Leukemia, Toxoplasmosis, and rabies, the Solarium is a safe solution while enjoying the wind in their hair. Just insert a bird feeder or bird bath nearby and your cats will spend hours outside taking in the world.

Q4: What Do You Have Planned For Cat Solarium The Future?

Cat Solarium The Future

People keep telling us to go on Shark Tank but, I think that we will be ok doing this on our own.

100% of the sales for The Cat Solarium are on-line. We are gradually doing more and more online marketing to get the news that we are out there.

But we have to do it slowing so we can keep up with the demand. We have gone from selling one a week to selling 2-3 a day and the Solariums are difficult to make.

We are training new people to assist with the manufacturing. It’s wonderful to know that James’s idea from 20 years ago now employees several people, and is contributing to our local economy.

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