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Alice Barker MRCVS


Since graduating, Alice has worked in a mixture of referral and first opinion equine practice. She started out in New Zealand and has since moved back to the UK. She has developed an interest in anaesthesia and veterinary mental health. She is the Wellbeing Champion for her current practice.


How Often Should You Brush Your Cat?

Cats often take care of their grooming themselves as they are very meticulous and hygienic animals. However, it is still good practice to brush your cat regularly especially if they have medium or long hair. This is especially important in the shedding season or if your cat isn't able to groom themselves well due to illness, lack of flexibility, or...

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What Is The Best Place To Put A Litter Box?

Finding the perfect place to put a litter box for your cat is crucial for avoiding toileting issues in your house in the future. Your cat needs to feel like they are safe to use the litter box and able to do so discreetly. If they don’t feel comfortable in the place you choose, you might end up with some...

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Can Cats Sense Death?

Cats are extremely intuitive and instinctual animals who, although it has not been proven scientifically, many people believe can sense death in humans. And what about when their own time is up? Cats have long been known to take themselves off to a safe secluded space when they know they’re about to die, but do they really know? One Special...

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