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Emma Chandley MRCVS


Emma graduated from the Royal Vet College in London in 2011. She has a keen interest in surgery and went on to do a post graduate certificate in small animal surgery and was then awarded advanced practitioner status in the same discipline.


Abyssinian kittens play

Do Female Cats Get Along?

One of the big decisions cat owners have to make is which sex of cat to choose. If they decide they want more than one cat (which has many benefits), they then have to decide whether a male or a female companion would be better. This is a tricky decision and a lot does depend on the individual cats and...

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What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You?

Despite the fact that our cats aren't able to talk to us the way we talk to each other, they absolutely do have their own way of communicating with humans. There might not be an exchange of words, but cats have become very good at getting their message across. Cat Winking No, you weren't imagining it, your cat definitely does...

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long haired brown tabby cat meowing

7 Reasons Your Female Cat Is Meowing A Lot Suddenly

All cat owners will have heard their cat meow at some stage. Most cats will use their voices to communicate with both humans and other cats. Some cats are very vocal and meow a lot; other cats are quieter and we rarely hear any noise from them. Some breeds of cats are generally more vocal than others, for example, Bengal...

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Are Laser Toys Safe For Cats?

Most pet owners know that cats go crazy for laser toys. It's very entertaining to watch them perform Olympic-grade gymnastics while they flip about trying to catch the tiny red dot. They can be an excellent way of exercising your cat indoors as they are natural predators and adore chasing the little red light. Are laser toys safe to use...

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How To Get Poop Out Of Cat Fur

Cats are usually excellent at grooming themselves. They spend a large proportion of their day cleaning themselves and enjoy it. Sometimes, however, cats need a little help from their humans. This is especially true if a cat gets poop on their fur around their back end as this is a particularly hard-to-reach place for them. You might catch your cat...

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How To Switch From Wet To Dry Cat Food

Are you in a position where you need to change your cat's food from wet to dry? Are you wondering how to go about making this a safe and smooth transition for both you and your cat? Read on to discover some useful tricks on how!   Cats can be notoriously difficult to please in the food department. If you...

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Why Is My Cat Obsessed With The Sink? 6 Reasons Why

Have you ever caught your kitty in the sink and wondered what in the world they are doing there? If so, you're not alone! Cats often curl up in the sink. Although they look very cozy and content in there, it's hard to believe they are actually comfortable. Let's explore why cats do this. How Do I Stop My Cat...

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Do Cats Cry Tears When Sad Or In Pain?

Most cat owners will have caught their cat with eyes filled with tears at some point. If you are wondering do cats cry when they are upset - then this is the article for you. The short answer to this question is yes! The anatomy of cats' tear ducts is exactly the same as humans, and the secretions from the...

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How Do Cats Say They Are Sorry?

Cats get bad press when it comes to their behavior. Many pet owners will have you believe that cats go out of their way to do objectionable things around the house (cue knocking that full glass of water off the kitchen counter). Cats are actually a lot more complicated when it comes to feelings and showing empathy and remorse.  ...

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Can Cats Sleepwalk?

A question cat lovers across the world have often wondered: Can cats sleepwalk? The short answer to this question is no! Cat sleeping habits can often seem pretty strange from a human perspective. When we are tucked up in our beds, it's very common for us to hear and see our cats prowling around the house.   You could be...

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