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Dr Hannah Godfrey MRCVS


Hannah graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, UK in 2011 and began work straight away at a busy mixed practice. Initially, she treated all species, but as the small animal hospital became busier, she focussed on small animals. She has a passion for soft tissue surgery as well as canine and feline dentistry, having completed additional training in both areas.


How Much Catnip Should I Give My Cat & How Often Is Safe?

As pet parents, we all want to do what’s right for our feline family members, whether it’s feeding them the right cat food or using the perfect cat litter in their litter box. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to tell whether something is safe, even if everyone’s doing it. Take catnip for example. Do you know what catnip is, how...

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How To Train A Cat To Use A Water Fountain

If you’ve just invested in a shiny new fountain for your cat, you’re probably really excited to see them using it. So, if they don’t take to it straight away, it might feel a bit disappointing. You might even worry that you’ve wasted your money on a product your cat won’t even use. Don’t be disheartened. It can take cats...

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Why Is My Cat Shaking & Shivering? (And How To Help)

If you have a feline family member, you'll know that it can be a real worry when they're unwell. But sometimes, it's hard to tell whether a cat is showing symptoms of being sick or if it's just normal cat behavior. Let's find out what could cause your cat to shiver or shake, what's normal, and when you should be...

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8 Natural Ways To Reduce Unpleasant Cat Odor

No matter how much you love cats, you probably don't want your home to smell like one. However, it's a fact that being a pet parent to a cat brings with it inevitable unpleasant odors like cat urine and pet hair. So, how can you reduce the cat odor in your home? And should you be worried about your cat's...

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10 Reasons Why Cats Smack Their Lips

Living with feline family members brings a lot of joy to cat owners. However, it's not always easy to understand a cat's behavior. Normal cat body language is often quirky, making it difficult to work out whether your cat is doing something odd because they're unwell, or just because they're a cat! Lip-smacking is an example of one of those...

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Do Cats Have A Sense Of Time?

If you’re a pet parent, you might notice your cat follows a routine. Maybe they hop on your lap at the same time, or they’re regularly waiting on the driveway when you arrive home from work. Cute, right? Of course, some of their routine-fueled behaviors aren’t quite so endearing or welcome, even if you’re a cat lover. Like when they...

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Why Do Cats Play With Their Food?

Are you a cat owner who's frustrated with their cat for playing with their food? It’s quite common for cats to bat their food about with their paws or take it out of the bowl before eating it. They might even run around with it or take it somewhere else to chow down. If you find yourself following your cat...

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8 Reasons You Should Never Punish Your Cat

If you have a feline family member, they probably bring a lot of joy to your life. Cuddles, purrs, and loving headbutts are just some of the ways that your kitty might brighten your day by letting you know they care. But that doesn’t mean that life with a cat is all rosy. Sometimes, living with a cat can be...

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Why Does My Cat Attack Me But Not My Husband?

It's pretty upsetting when a feline family member seems to show more affection for your other half than you. Sometimes, though, rather than just ignoring you, cats can go a step further and lash out with seemingly aggressive behavior. If your cat has decided they love your husband, wife, or partner more than you, it's hard not to take it...

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Why Does My Cat Beg For Food?

When your cat hangs around the food bowl, meowing for food, it can pull at your heartstrings. However, it can also be a bit annoying, especially if you've already fed them!   Sometimes, it can feel like your cat is always hungry. So, how do you know if your cat is really hungry? Let’s find out the signs of hunger...

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