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Lizzie Youens, BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS

Gloucestershire, UK Sundean Veterinary Group


  • Interest in feline medicine, involved with running cat-only clinics and a special interest in geriatrics


University of Bristol


Worked in companion animal practice for ten years, in a variety of roles from small rural branch surgeries to large hospital environments.


Enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with my young daughters.


Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Just like all male mammals (including male humans), boy cats do have nipples. Strange, huh? Unlike in female cats, male nipples aren’t hugely useful. They don’t produce milk, nurse kittens, or generally perform any purpose. They are formed very early in fetal development, before the genders of the kittens are determined, but only in female kittens do the mammary glands...

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Tortitude: Definition, Behavior & How To Deal With It

As a veterinarian, and proud owner of a lovely little tortoiseshell cat, I’ve probably heard every warning, joke, assumption, and fact about torties that exists. In fact, when my colleagues saw the fur color of my newest little rescue, they all laughed at me! Tortoiseshell cats are known as the "divas of the cat world," due to their feisty natures,...

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Should I Euthanize My Cat With Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in cats that affects blood glucose levels due to a lack of insulin. It can be a challenging condition, but many cats go on to live long and happy lives by following the right diet and taking insulin. Some even go into full remission. Cat owners can find diabetes to be an overwhelming diagnosis. The...

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Is Burning Incense Bad For Cats?

The sense of smell is a mystical sense, with the power to evoke strong memories and intense emotions. Using scented products in the home is a popular practice, and it is easy to light an incense stick without thinking too much about it. However, whether you use incense for meditation, to relax, or just to make your home smell nice,...

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cat playing

Why Do Some Cats Hiss When They Play?

If you hear a cat hissing, it is usually meant as a warning, often seen as one of the low steps on the ladder of aggression for cats. It is an intimidating sound and can be of great concern to owners if their cat gives a hiss when playing. It is key to remember that cat behavior and communication are...

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New Cat Owner Anxiety: Why It Happens & How To Overcome It

Taking on a cat is a big responsibility. New cat owner anxiety, where feelings of overwhelm and stress emerge after bringing a new pet home, can be difficult to experience. However, these feelings are common and do subside with time.   A new cat arriving should be a joyful occasion, and there are ways to help manage these negative feelings....

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How Many Hours Do Kittens Sleep?

Most cat owners are well aware of their pets’ extraordinary ability to get some shut-eye in any place, position, or time. Cats seem to spend much of their day dozing—in a comfy lap, curled up in their bed, or perhaps on a sunny windowsill. The phrase "catnap" wasn’t invented for nothing! Cats sleep for around 16 to 18 hours a...

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My Cat Wants To Go Outside & Won’t Stop Meowing

Cat ownership is not quite as simple as just throwing down some bowls of food and water. We all have a duty of responsibility to keep our cats safe, satisfied, and happy, and that might entail some tricky decisions. There are both pros and cons to letting cats outside, and these include some real safety hazards.   If your cat...

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New Cat Owner Checklist

Are you thinking about taking on a new cat? This is an exciting prospect, and a new pet can bring much joy and companionship to our lives. However, taking on a new pet, whether through cat adoption from a shelter or buying a kitten, is a big responsibility. Your new family member might be with you for well over a...

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Do Cats Get Lonely Without Other Cats?

Domestic cats, like many feline species, are a mix of social and solitary. They are territorial, and hunt alone rather than in packs, but also participate in social rituals such as collaborative feeding of young kittens, social play, and allogrooming. It can be difficult to tell if a solitary cat is happy on their own, or whether they crave feline...

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