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Lizzie Youens, BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS

Gloucestershire, UK Sundean Veterinary Group


  • Interest in feline medicine, involved with running cat-only clinics and a special interest in geriatrics


University of Bristol


Worked in companion animal practice for ten years, in a variety of roles from small rural branch surgeries to large hospital environments.


Enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with my young daughters.


How Many Hours Do Kittens Sleep?

Most cat owners are well aware of their pets’ extraordinary ability to get some shut-eye in any place, position, or time. Cats seem to spend much of their day dozing—in a comfy lap, curled up in their bed, or perhaps on a sunny windowsill. The phrase "catnap" wasn’t invented for nothing! Cats sleep for around 16 to 18 hours a...

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My Cat Wants To Go Outside & Won’t Stop Meowing

Cat ownership is not quite as simple as just throwing down some bowls of food and water. We all have a duty of responsibility to keep our cats safe, satisfied, and happy, and that might entail some tricky decisions. There are both pros and cons to letting cats outside, and these include some real safety hazards.   If your cat...

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New Cat Owner Checklist

Are you thinking about taking on a new cat? This is an exciting prospect, and a new pet can bring much joy and companionship to our lives. However, taking on a new pet, whether through cat adoption from a shelter or buying a kitten, is a big responsibility. Your new family member might be with you for well over a...

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Do Cats Get Lonely Without Other Cats?

Domestic cats, like many feline species, are a mix of social and solitary. They are territorial, and hunt alone rather than in packs, but also participate in social rituals such as collaborative feeding of young kittens, social play, and allogrooming. It can be difficult to tell if a solitary cat is happy on their own, or whether they crave feline...

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Why Is My Cat So Small? When To See The Vet

Small cats are cute. Well, actually, so are larger cats, medium cats, and, well… all cats really! But if you’re a proud pet parent to a petite cat, you may be asking, "why is my cat so small?" This can be especially true when comparing your cat to other, larger, or more "normal" sized cats. There are a few reasons...

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How Many Toes Do Cats Have?

Have you ever inspected your cat’s toes and marveled over how cute they are? Perhaps you’ve noted that they have a different number of toes on their front paws compared to their back paws. If you haven’t, you might want to have a look next time your precious feline is curled up near you, as quite a few pet cats...

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Is Cat TV Really Good For Cats?

When I settle onto my sofa in the evening, and my cats jump up for a cuddle, they usually seem more intent on snoozing in my lap than on what I’m watching on Netflix. However, many pet parents are turning to screen time to help keep their cats entertained. A wide range of television shows are made especially for cats,...

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My Cat Ate A Chicken Bone: Should I Worry?

Should cats eat chicken bones? They do love chicken, after all. With a cat's excellent sense of smell, even the faintest scent of chicken will typically bring them running in the hope of tasting some of this delicacy. If your cat is partial to this tasty treat, has a streak of mischief in them, and has managed to eat chicken...

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Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Head Up?

I sleep in exactly the same position every night, and can’t settle until I get myself just right. Pet parents, on the other hand, will be quick to point out that cats and dogs have very different sleeping styles to us humans, often lying in strange positions, or choosing to snuggle up in odd places – like on my head!...

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Do Cats Enjoy Sex Or Mating?

If you’ve ever witnessed the act of feline mating, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were watching a prime fight instead. What with all the biting, screeching, and writhing around, even just being in heat seems quite a drama for cats. Female cats are polyestrous (they have multiple cycles each year) and allow multiple matings per heat cycle,...

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