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Louise Barnes MRCVS


Louise qualified from Bristol university in 2005 and spent the first five years of her working life in Lancashire treating a mixture of farm animals, horses and pets. After moving to Cambridgeshire to be closer to family she worked in a large hospital practice looking after small animals only, with a special passion for dermatology (a subject in which she achieved a further qualification in during 2016). Louise is currently doing some locum work as well as writing some articles for pet owners.


Are Cats’ Noses Supposed To Be Wet?

As a veterinarian, I am commonly asked by cat owners if a dry nose means that their pet is sick. Although cats' noses are usually cool and wet, it can be normal for some perfectly healthy cats to have warm dry noses. Healthy feline noses can even vary from wet to dry several times throughout the day.   It is...

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Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree?

Cats exhibit many behaviors that we find strange, but your cat climbing up you as if you are a tree is not only bizarre, it's painful, too! Although this unwanted behavior is most commonly seen in kittens as they explore their surroundings and burn off some of their boundless energy, adult cats sometimes climb up people, as well. This odd...

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How Often Should You Change Cat Litter?

Cleaning out your cat's litter box isn't much fun, but keeping it clean and hygienic doesn't just avoid unpleasant sights and smells—it can also prevent behavioral issues, and is vital for both your health and your cat's. A good rule of thumb is to scoop out your cat's waste deposits twice daily and clean the litter box out completely every...

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9 Cat Behavior Changes To Worry About

Cats can behave in strange and puzzling ways, but their quirky personalities are part of what makes them so lovable. So how do we know if our cats‘ bizarre acts are normal feline behaviors or something to worry about? In this article, we will discuss nine cat behaviors you should never ignore as they could indicate a serious medical, emotional,...

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Why Does My Cat Like To Be Carried?

There is a widely believed stereotype that cats are aloof, and merely tolerate their human companions, interacting strictly on their own feline terms. Many cat owners would disagree strongly with this, and research has demonstrated that cats do miss their owners when they are left alone and that they can form strong attachments to people. Some cats take this bonding...

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does catnip make cats high?

Does Catnip Make Cats High?

Many people are familiar with the extreme response many cats show to the herb catnip. After sniffing catnip, most cats show frenzied excitement—rolling, rubbing, vocalizing, and even drooling—leading many to liken it to the effects certain drugs can have on people. Until recently, the mechanism underlying this response in members of the cat family was unknown, but recent research has...

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