Felines Opine The world from a feline point of view: Interview

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Hi folks, today we’d like to tell you about a great cat book you should now about. It’s titled “Felines Opine The world from a feline point of view” and it is a wonderful book written by one of the most influential figures in the global cat community Mrs. Anita Ellen Aurit. We sat down with with Anita to hear more about one of the most talked about cat books today.

Q1: Please Introduce Yourself to Our Community

My name is Anita Aurit and I became a cat blogger in a rather serendipitous way. I am a published author in numerous genres but when I had a story published in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, My Very Good, Very Bad Cat I was encouraged by their PR people to start a blog to promote the story. I didn’t want to blog about cat facts or any other subjects I found in other cat blogs so I decided to take my favorite aspect of fiction writing (writing in character’s “voices”) and apply this concept to my blog. My cats have very strong and different personalities which makes it easy to write about the world from a feline point of view and Feline Opines was born, I live in the Inland Northwest in a beautiful resort area with my husband and our Tribe of Five felines, Tucker, Jasmine, Lily,Oliver and Alberto. We always had three cats in our family until we fostered (and became foster failures) and that’s how we became The Tribe of Five.

Q2: Tell us more about the inspiration behind your new book ( Felines Opine )

I do quite a bit of faith based writing and speaking and it always takes forever to explain my cat writing to the my faith based audience and my faith based writing to my cat writing audience. This book “Felines Opine, God From a Feline Point of View” is written from the viewpoint of each of my cats and serves as a bridge between my two writing genres.. The cats approach the concept of our beautiful creation and how the care and love of cats and other animals is approached in God’s word. If we truly love our beautiful world and the fantastic creatures in it, then we must accept the job of being good stewards of all we’ve been given. The care for and love of animals is part of that stewardship.

Q3: What do you like most about Felines Opine

I love writing from a cat’s viewpoint in my books and my blog as I want people to look at things the way cats see the world. Granted, my cats don’t actually speak to me but I have had cats all my life, observed their behavior and, their behavior speaks volumes. It makes me sad when I hear someone say, “It’s just a cat”. or “It’s only a cat”. Cats, as other animals have opinions about things, they show preferences for things and they definitely let you know when they are happy or unhappy about anything. I hope that giving a “voice” to my felines helps people understand their felines better and also find the humor that comes from sharing your life with a cat (or cats).


Q4: Will there be a sequel

Definitely yes. I am, working on topic ideas now and in one book,. I want to have other felines “opine” about their views on things as well.

Q5: What does the future hold for Feline Opines

We just won a Certificate of Merit from the Cat Writer’s Association for our blog FelineOpines.net in the entertainment category and are vying for the Muse Award with one other cat blog. The awards will be announced at the Cat Writer’s conference in June.

I am currently finishing up a manuscript of a cozy mystery book called Sit, Stay, Meow and two of The Tribe of Five have a major role in the book. There are other Felines Opine books in the works as well. I have also been chosen to be a contributing writer to Katzenworld an amazing cat blog in the UK.

This summer, I am going to attempt (attempt being the operative word) to train Alberto to go kayaking with me. We will blog about our successes and/or failures on FelineOpines.net
As long as there are cats in my future, it will always be fun, exciting and funny.

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