7 Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

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This is a very interesting topic to talk about! Especially, If you are thinking about getting a cat and are confused whether it will be a good decision or not, guess what? This article has answers for your queries.

Did you know that there are actual health benefits for humans who have cats? Sounds interesting, right?

Cats are awesome, they are a great pet and they can be evil too at times with their behavior. But the truth is, there are amazing health benefits for human beings of having a cat. In this article, we will address some of those benefits in details.

Anxiety And Stress

The first one is common and everybody knows about this. A cat can reduce your stress or anxiety. Cats are soothing and all studies from time to time have proved that if you pet a cat, you will face less stress or anxiety in every day life.

Even if you face these, your cat will help you to relax. There are some relaxation centers around the globe where you can actually pet a cat for a few hours to get rid of anxiety. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Blood Pressure

Did you know that cats can help you lower your blood pressure? The presence of cats bring calm and the scientific explanation is pretty much like the last point. Russia did an interesting study about this 20 years ago.

They put a few cat owners in a room and asked them to scream while listening to loud music. The same then was tried with people who didn’t own cats. The result was completely different. Who didn’t own cats had huge blood pressure raise compared to the cat parents. That certainly shows something, right?


It was found that cat parents can easily be more social than those who do not have pets. Also, one study (statistical study) showed that women have more interest in men who owns cat as cat parents are considered caring and intelligent.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

How about a serious benefit that actually matters to the whole world and not you only? Here it is! There was an interesting study a few years back and it was found that if you are petting a dog, you actually are harming the environment because dog food and toys can generate eco-footprint of a huge car or an air condition.

On the other hand, if you are petting a cat then carbon footprint is negligible and nothing to worry about at all.

Decreases Heart Disease Risks

What is one of the most common heart diseases? Undoubtedly, that the heart attack and a Minnesota Study showed that if you have a cat then chances are you’ll be at least 30% less likely to experience a heart attack or other heart diseases.

This might sound weird but that’s actually true. Even, cats can help you stay away from type 2 diabetes too. Cats are known to have their unique abilities to help you stay away from these harms.

A Great Companion

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Let’s face it. Humans are not actually one of the best companions of around. If you really want to spend time with a great companion, then a cat could be that pet for you.

Cats are great companions due to many reasons. Yes, a dog will bring certain benefits but a cat is always more fun. They are more playful, they are furry and they are fun to be around. What else do you want from a companion?

Great For Allergy

Almost all studies from time to time found that if you let your kid play with a cat from the early days then the chances are very low that your kid will face allergy or related issues in his/her life. Cats reflect positive enzymes and mental satisfaction which makes your kid’s body and mind more open which leads to less allergy related worries.

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Khalid is a animal lover from Bangladesh, Asia. With 3 cats and one awesome raccoon it’s no wonder why he loves writing about pets. He runs a blog named MeowTee that talks about cats, their behavior, grooming and related information. The whole intention of his blog is to make cat parenting a bit easier than yesterday. Website: meowtee.com

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  1. Rachel Lannister

    My sister has been talking about adopting a cat, and I was wondering if there were benefits to doing so. In the article it states that studies have shown that cat owners are 30% less likely to experience a heart attack or heart diseases. Especially with how important heart health is, I’ll definitely help my sister to find a good cat that fits her situation best.