Interview with Darcy Albert, Founder of Kitty Mom’s Rescue

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Darcy Albert of Kitty Mom's Rescue

Darcy Albert is the founder of Kitty Mom’s Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Kalispell, Montana. Originally a part-time foster guardian, Darcy now runs a full-time operation with a network of volunteers working to control stray and feral cat populations while improving cats’ lives.

Darcy spends her days coordinating foster operations, picking up strays, and running adoption events. Since 2004, she’s rescued, cared for, and found homes for hundreds of cats and kittens.

I’ve been aware of the work Darcy does in my community for almost ten years but didn’t meet her until dropping off a donation from

Last month, a portion of the products tested at were donated to Kitty Mom’s rescue, helping to feed stray and feral cats. After meeting with Darcy to donate boxes of cat food, I was impressed with her openness, generosity, and obvious love of cats.

We’ve decided to sit down and ask her a few questions about life as the founder of a cat rescue organization.

As A Full-time Cat Rescuer, What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Two kittens on the floor at Kitty Mom's Rescue

It starts by checking the Facebook page for messages and comments while I am having my coffee! We now have 4000 “followers” and someone always needs to borrow a trap, pick up cat food, has found a stray, or offers to volunteer.

I keep in touch with our 10 foster homes and monitor our kittens and cats in the cages at Petco.  Then it’s time to scoop, medicate and feed, clean and interact with the kitties I keep here in my condos in the garage.  Most kitties are placed in our foster homes, but I keep injured, sick and wild ones here to medicate and watch closely.

Then in the afternoons I go to the foster homes and weigh kittens, vaccinate, deworm and deliver food, litter and check for proper growth on our kittens and take photos.

I do adoptions at Petco and schedule other events, i.e., the Fair Booth, Flathead Gives, radio interviews and adoption days. If I have time, I write a few thank you notes for donations and schedule more time to pick up a stray or two.

It is never-ending and the days are never long enough to get everything done.

What Else Do You Do To Help Local Stray Cats?

black and white kitten with orange kitten at scratching post

Twice a month I am transporting cats to the Flathead Spay Neuter Clinic for altering, microchipping and vaccinations.

We do as much as we can as a rescue and we give priority to strays, ferals, the sick and injured, but we are always maxed out. We take in close to 400 cats a year and we just can’t do more.  We are the only ones who are out at night, in the ditches, barns, and alleys!

We have volunteers in every corner of our county who respond on a moment’s notice.

How Can Other People Help To Improve The Lives Of Abandoned, Sick, And Stray Cats In Their Communities?

Calico kitten at Kitty Mom's Rescue

Spay and neuter is the key to managing stray and feral cats. We have a low-cost spay and neuter clinic here, which is one reason we can survive as a non-profit that operates on only donations. People need to take responsibility for cats living on their property. Get them fixed before breeding season starts and avoid unwanted litters!

How can people help your rescue and other similar organizations around the world?

People can help us by being proactive and beating the breeding season, which starts in February.  Donations of food or money will always help us. We help low-income people with spay and neuter costs and food. It stretches our resources. There is a big problem in our community…especially Evergreen, Kila, and Hungry Horse.

Rescue organizations like Kitty Mom’s Rescue help to prevent overbreeding and give cats healthy, happy homes.

And as you can tell, Darcy’s made the mission of cat rescue a full-time job. In addition to supporting what she’s doing for cats, we’re grateful to her for taking the time to answer these questions and helping all of us better understand the world of cat rescue.

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