For the pickiest eater in your family.

The Open Farm premium quality recipes start with the world’s best ingredients. From sourcing through to production, Open Farm is committed to delivering premium nutrition that meets the highest standard of quality and care.

circle item Packed with premium animal protein
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How We Review Cat Food

To review Open Farm, the team spent hours researching the brand, learning about its history and product lineup. We studied the company’s sourcing and manufacturing practices and scoured recall databases for reports related to safety issues. To understand how other customers feel about the brand, we read dozens of customer reviews, identifying any common patterns or trends.

Finally, our reviewer independently purchased several packages of Open Farm cat food and tried it out with their cats, taking notes on palatability, texture, smell, and more.


About Open Farm

The story of Open Farm began with a rescue dog named Bella. Immediately upon adopting Bella, Jacqueline Prehogan, co-founder of Open Farm, set out to find a natural, nutritious pet food that would help her grow up strong, happy, and healthy. Appalled at the number of pet food on the market that were filled with ingredients that compromised her standards for transparency, sustainability, and animal welfare, Prehogan decided to create her ideal pet food herself.

Prehogan partnered with her husband Isaac and brother-in-law Derek to engage in years of research before starting Open Farm. Not only did they change the ingredients in their pet food, but they completely re-envisioned the way it was made. Focusing on high-quality ingredients and supporting farmers who treat their animals right, Open Farm also provides full transparency to their customers.


Sourcing And Manufacturing

Open Farm’s core values are transparency, premium nutrition, and ethical sourcing. These values guide every decision they make from how they procure ingredients to how they package their products. Open Farm uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients including humanely raised meat that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones as well as non-GMO fruits and veggies.

While Open Farm is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, their manufacturing facilities are located in Minnesota in the U.S. All of their formulation and recipe development is done in Canada but their products are made in the USA to facilitate their local ingredient sourcing program.


What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Open Farm Offer?

Open Farm currently offers a selection of dry cat food, wet cat food, and bone broths.

dry food dry food
wet food wet food
bone broths bone broths

Their dry food formulas are packed with real animal-based protein and low in carbohydrates, making them highly appealing to your carnivore’s tastes and senses.

Their wet food formulas are made with 100% human-grade ingredients including ethically and sustainably sourced meat. These recipes are sold in 5.5-ounce cardboard cartons, making them easy to serve and resealable for convenience.

In addition to their dry cat food and wet cat food products, Open Farm offers three types of bone broth: chicken, turkey, and grass-fed beef. These are sold in resealable 12-ounce pouches.

Recall History

Though Open Farm is a Canadian company, their products are manufactured in the USA and therefore subject to FDA regulations. To the best of our knowledge, Open Farm has never had a product recalled.

How Much Does Open Farm Cat Food Cost?

Because it is made with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, Open Farm is a fairly expensive pet food. Their dry foods average around $0.35 per ounce and their wet foods are closer to $0.50 per ounce. For the average cat who eats about 2 to 2.5 ounces of food per day, the estimated daily cost for Open Farm cat food is between $0.70 and $1.00 per day.


What Did Our Test Cats Think?

Overall, our test cats seemed to enjoy Open Farm cat food. They dug eagerly into the dry food and loved the wet food as well. All of the products tested had a strong meaty aroma our test cats found very appealing.

stars rating Average Rating
Janette Petersen
stars rating
“My cat ate dry food for the first time in preference to the canned food. It smells like its’ ingredients – you can tell the different flavors apart. The fact that the animals are raised humanely and this is a sustainable effort is important for me, and that’s why I happily pay more.”
Brianne Thomas
stars rating
“My cats enjoyed this food. I have a cat that is allergic to just about every food on the market so it’s very hard to find something she is able to digest without getting sick. This food is not only sourced ethically and naturally, but it has nothing she’s allergic to in it!”

Overall, Is Open Farm Cat Food A Good Choice?

Generally speaking, Open Farm appears to be a trustworthy brand that has the best interest of pets in mind. Not only do they use high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, but they offer complete transparency about the sourcing of those ingredients. Their recipes all feature a humanely raised or wild-caught source of animal-based protein as the first ingredient as well.

The complaints we have about this brand primarily have to do with the use of plant-based ingredients. All of the dry food and wet food recipes we reviewed contain plant-based proteins like red lentils and garbanzo beans as well as various fruits and veggies. Given the fact these recipes also contain an extensive list of nutritional supplements anyway, we’re not sure these ingredients are necessary.