Run a cat rescue organization?

You’re invited to join the AAC Partner Program! is a leading resource for cat owners looking to give their cats happier, healthier lives” should be moved to the paragraph text below this heading.

Join the Program!
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There are two main benefits to joining the program:

Save time on surrender prevention

By providing expert-created educational resources and hands-on support, the Partner Program does all the work for you and gives your adopters everything they need—all in one place.

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Take your rescue’s operations to the next level

Your organization gets hands-on assistance with all of your marketing needs, including email management, donation drives, and more.

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Our end goal is to help cats stay in their homes while helping shelters thrive.

As part of the program, you’ll get:


Access to Surrender Prevention Resources

  • Receive a unique landing page allowing users to sign up and get a bundle of resources as soon as they adopt their cat
  • Instantly enroll adopters into the Cat Guardian Academy, which educates owners on how to solve the most common cat problems
  • Send a custom PDF answering your adopter’s most common questions Give new owners access to the community for discussion with fellow cat owners and expert moderators
  • Share content written by veterinarians, behaviorists, and other pet experts
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Web Marketing Support for Your Organization

  • Website consultation and assistance from our cat-savvy content, development, and design teams
  • Optional email marketing management
  • Donation drive assistance
  • A link to your organization on the website

Let’s Help Cats