Let’s Rethink the Way We Feed Our Cats.

  • Smalls foods are 100% human-grade
  • Each meal is nutritionally complete and balanced to meet your cat’s dietary needs
  • Choose a personalized meal plan that meets your needs
  • Smalls’ extensive selection has something even the pickiest kitties will love
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Human-grade food
Smalls foods are made from human-grade ingredients and prepared in a USDA-inspected kitchen, meaning they’re healthy for your cat and good enough for you, too.
Expert-formulated for carnivores
Formulated by a veterinary nutritionist, Smalls recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced, meeting or exceeding AAFCO guidelines for all life stages.
Convenient delivery
Smalls cat food ships to your door according to a custom delivery schedule, meaning you’ll never have to go out of the store and you’ll never run out of the food your cat needs.


Old-school cat food is made from low-value ingredients, cooked at high temperatures, and spends months in transit between distributors and retailers. Smalls is different. They source human-grade ingredients—the same kind of meats, vegetables, and supplements you might eat—and prepares them in USDA-inspected facilities.

And Smalls isn’t just about making better cat food. They give you a different kind of cat food experience. With personalized meal plans and regular deliveries, Smalls makes it convenient to feed your cat well.


Food for Your Cat

Each shipment of Smalls cat food contains a customized selection of cat food. Packed with biodegradable insulation and dry ice, each delivery comes frosty-cold and ready to thaw.


Your Smalls cat food comes with Smallsware—a plastic container specifically designed to store Smalls’ fresh food. This handy container is reusable and the perfect size for keeping everything fresh between meals.

Introductory Guide

Your box includes an introductory guide loaded with helpful tips and tricks to help you transition your cat onto a Smalls diet.


Answer a questionnaire about your cat.
Before you sign up for Smalls, your first step is answering a few questions about your cat. You’ll tell Smalls about your cat’s weight, activity levels, dietary restrictions, and more. Smalls uses this information to develop a custom meal plan that suits your and your cat’s needs.
Step 1
Receive your first delivery.
Smalls uses fast shipping to make sure that your cat’s food arrives fresh and icy-cold. When the food arrives, open up the box and see what’s inside. You’ll place one package in the refrigerator to thaw and freeze the rest. Once the food is thawed, serve up your cat’s first meal of Smalls and watch how they dig into a bowl of fresh, human-grade food.
Step 2
Experience the benefits of a fresh cat food diet.
Smalls will continue to send shipments of cat food according to your chosen delivery schedule. As your cat eats a fresh diet, look for things like a shinier coat, less kitty breath, reduced odor in the litter box, and more interest in toys.
Step 3


Tired of tricky labels, mystery meats, and artificial ingredients? You might like Smalls. Each nutritionist-formulated recipe features recognizable, human-grade ingredients and is cooked at low temperatures, so your cat won’t get anything but the goodness of fresh food.

Complete and balanced for optimal health

Formulated by an animal nutritionist, each Smalls cat food recipe meets the nutrient requirements established by the AAFCO for all life stages. Whether your cat is a kitten or up in their teens, Smalls food delivers the balance of nutrients they need to thrive.

Authentically human-grade

Smalls cat food is made from human-grade ingredients and made in a USDA-inspected kitchen. This means that not only are Smalls foods good enough for your cat, they’re safe enough for you to eat—if you really wanted to, at least.

Made with your cat’s needs in mind

Your cat’s a carnivore. Smalls recognizes that fact. Their fresh and raw recipes emphasize meat ingredients over anything else, delivering all the protein your cat needs to thrive.

Free of artificial colors and preservatives

What Smalls cat food doesn’t contain is just as important as what it does. Smalls foods are made without any of the artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that you’ll find in foods from other brands.


Fresh Food
Fresh Food
Moisture-rich, gently-cooked, and available in a wide range of tastes and textures, Smalls’ fresh food is its signature offering. Choose from chicken, turkey, beef, and fish recipes and minced or smooth consistencies.
Freeze-Dried Raw
Freeze-Dried Raw
Available in chicken, turkey, and duck recipes, these freeze-dried foods deliver all the nutritional intensity of raw food without the hassle or risk of contamination.
If you prefer to feed your cat kibble, consider Smalls dry food. These foods are available in three recipes—turkey, chicken, fish, and duck. With simple ingredient lists and plenty of protein, these foods are a few steps ahead of your standard kibble.


Pleasantly surprised with Smalls. We have an older kitty (10 years) who has lost a few teeth and had difficulty eating dry food. Canned food is so gnarly, we looked for a better option. Enter Smalls. She loves it. It's pricier than I would like, but she not only enjoys it, she seems healthier all around. It's convenient, easy to customize (she doesn't like the cow offerings, only the bird), and convenient. Portion control is easy, and it transfers into Tupperware containers easily. Really pleased with Smalls and will continue using!
Jennifer Bosier
Stars 4.3
Average rating
Stars 5
So far we are loving everything Smalls has to offer. Ollie likes the fresh food and goes totally bonkers for freeze dried. Seamless transition, too, no digestive issues. Great variety, prompt delivery, easy communication with customer service - we are sticking with Smalls!.
Evelyn Meyer
Stars 5
I decided to try Smalls after realizing my sweet boy cat had a food allergy. He would get sores on his paws, feline acne, his fur lost its usual glossiness, and itchy blisters that he’d scratch into open sores on his neck, head, and face (and at its worst, all over his poor body). I suspect fish, so I wanted to start him on a poultry diet with as few ingredients as possible. Both cats were hesitant to try the fresh food, but once they finally gave it a shot (which did require leaving no other option out for them), they seemed pleased. Lulu gets excited and meows for it now. Felix took to the freeze-dried food immediately. He eats the fresh food but definitely prefers the freeze-dried. After a month, both of them seem happier, feistier, shinier, softer, and Felix has stopped getting his itchy blisters. I’m beyond happy at how this diet has worked out for them.