Don’t let your cat’s food make them sick.

Every cat parent wants the best for their cat. But did you know that on average, 3 pet food recalls happen every month? If you’re not paying attention, that means your cat’s food could make them sick. Join the Recall Alert Program to keep your cat safe.

Cat Food Recall

In the last few years, cat food has been recalled from some of the most popular brands on the market, including:

Rad Cat
Meow Mix
Natural Balance
Special Kitty
... And More

Recalled cat food may be contaminated with bacteria like salmonella and E.coli. It may contain excessive or inadequate levels of key nutrients. And some food is recalled due to adulteration with toxic additives—remember the melamine disaster in 2007. Because these issues can be life-threatening to cats who eat the food, it’s essential to take quick action and stop feeding your cat as soon as the recall is announced. When you subscribe to the recall notification program, you’ll get instant alerts as soon as a recall is announced.

Don’t miss a single recall!
Don’t miss a single recall!

What Should You Do If Your Cat’s Food Is Recalled?

When you confirm the food you’re feeding your cat with is recalled, here are the four steps we advise on taking

Step 1

Immediately withdraw the potentially-affected food.

Stop eat potentially-affected cat food
Step 2
Record and save

Instead of throwing away recalled food, take clear photos of the food’s packaging, UPC code, lot number, and best-by date.

Record and save cat food
Step 3

Contact the company to tell them that you’re in possession of the recalled product and help FDA and the manufacturer with investigation on what caused the problem and how many pets were affected.

Report recalled cat food
Step 4

Stay vigilant, watching your cat for any behavioral changes or symptoms of illness. Symptoms can vary and are sometimes listed in the recall announcement. If you notice any signs of illness, take your cat to the veterinarian right away. We also recommend notifying both the FDA and the manufacturer if your cat gets sick. Again, this helps everyone better understand the incident and its effects on cats.

Observe cat food
Get Free Recall Alerts
Get Free Recall Alerts