The A to Z of Boxes

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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOVE BOXES.

What’s so special about them? Well, let me tell you everything about boxes … from A to Z.

A box is good. Two boxes is better.

2017 09 24_Photo - Marina iPhone_0371_edited-1

My housemate, Toby, enjoys a boxtravaganza.

A box is also a great place to hang out with a Buddy

2016 08 14_Photo - Randy iPhone 7_0090

In case you can’t tell, I’m the handsome one on the left, and Toby is the big galut on the right.

Wherever you find an open box, you are likely to find a Cat inside.

2016 08 14_Photo - Randy iPhone_0001

A box is also a great place to rest your Chin.

When a box is not available, a Drawer can do in a pinch.

2017 07 03 - Genia - Milo

Me at my cat sitter’s house, where sadly I could not find any boxes.

For a cat, an Empty box is an irresistible invitation.

2016 06 12_Photo - iPod Touch_0008

Even a big dummy like Toby knows the virtues of a box. (He had not become so big yet when this photo was taken.)

A box is how most kittens travel to their Forever home.

2016 06 11_Photo - Sony_0006_edited-1

Toby arrives to his forever home in a box from the Peninsula Humane Society. He test drove the house and servants first to make sure they were OK before I arrived.

The best kind of Gift basket is an EMPTY one!

cat in box

I was not the original contents of this gift basket, but I am way better than what came inside.

On extremely rare occasions, a Human can be preferable to a box.

cat milo

Me with one of my adopted primate servants.

Even Inanimate felines like boxes.

2016 10 17_Photo - Randy iPhone 7_0046

I love boxes! Did I mention that yet?

Sleeping is no Joke for a cat in a box.

Toby has always been a sound sleeper compared to me (it’s one of the benefits of having a dull mind).

You can buy a cat a bed, but you can’t Keep him out of a box.

2018 10 14_Photo - Randy iPhone X_0037_edited-1

I’d prefer a box over my cat bed anyday (note the empty cat bed in the upper left of this photo).

Let’s ponder the age-old question: can Luggage be considered a box?

A suitcase is just a special kind of box, if you ask me or Toby.

One kind of box that cats don’t like is Moving boxes.

2018 06 09_Photo - Randy iPhone X_0117

It turns out that a “forever” home is not where the house is, but where the heart is. Shhh, don’t tell my primates that I said that.

A box is a great place for … Nappies.

2016 06 12_Photo - Sony_0059_edited-1

Toby catches some Zzz’s. (Gotcha if you thought I would use that one for the letter Z.)

Sometimes it’s good to think Outside the box.

2018 01 04_Photo - Randy iPhone X_0069

Toby rarely has deep thoughts, so maybe this wasn’t the best photo to choose.

Boxes sometimes come with fun Packaging material inside.

2018 01 27_Photo - Randy iPhone X_0055

Who needs cat toys when you have shipping boxes?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Kitties like cat beds because they reminds us of boxes and are equally well suited for some peace and Quiet.

2017 07 13_Photo - Shoma iPhone 6_0002

Honestly, I am not a fat cat; it’s just the camera angle. I’ve told my primates a million times to photograph me only from my good side.

A tent is not quite a box, but sometimes you have to Rough it.

2016 09 22_Photo - Sony_0009_edited-1

I do like a blankie in my tent, so I guess you could say I am inclined toward “glamping.”

Cats like boxes of all sizes even Small ones.

2017 05 02_Photo - Randy iPhone_0032_edited-1

I’m not sure how to get cozy in this box, but I like challenges.

If you want a kitty to use a cat Tree, it better have a built-in box.

2016 07 19_Photo - Sony_0007

My cat tree is OK, but I prefer cardboard, to be honest.

Being IN a box is sublime, but it’s also great fun to be Under one.

2016 06 11_Photo - iPod Touch_0012_edited-1

Ever the dum-dum, Toby has not yet figured out whether the box or the house is his forever home.

When a box is not available, a backpack will do.

2018 10 10_Photo - Randy iPhone X_0001

I am also quite fond of backpacks as long as they are empty and not riding on a primate’s back.

X marks the spot — there is nothing cuter than a kitty in a boX.

2016 06 12_Photo - Sony_0055

Toby before he grew up to be an awkward adult.

You can take the kitty out of the box, but you can’t take the box out of the kitty.”

2016 09 05_Photo - Randy iPhone 7_0070

I am not sure what that quote means, but it sounds profound, so I’m gonna go with it.

AmaZon is great source of boxes.

Toby did not arrive via 2-day shipping.

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Milo is a two-and-a-half year old indoor only house cat. He lives with his housemate and frenemy, Toby, with whom he shares a staff of four bipedal primates. Milo is a chatty cat who often won’t shut up, so it’s only fitting that he has started blogging. You can find his posts at Emusements.


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  1. Patty

    Cats do love their boxes. I just threw an empty box on my back lawn for one of my outside cats and she came running over from across the yard just to sit it in. I love the A-Z pics. So many cute kitties here 🙂

    1. Randy @ Emusements

      Hi Patty, sorry for the belated reply; I am glad you enjoyed the post! Our cats also LOVE sitting on big piles of freshly cleaned laundry. Maybe Milo will have to write about that someday!