Could your cat’s favorite food send him to the emergency vet? For most cat guardians, the answer is “yes”.

We all know that feeding our cats the right food is important and that the wrong food can make them sick. But most of us don’t realize that even the most popular, best-trusted dry cat foods are a serious health risk.

According to a growing body of research, the wrong diet could be the #1 biggest risk factor determining whether or not your cat will experience a deadly urethral blockage.

Feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTD—the umbrella term for health issues affecting the lower urinary tract — affects an estimated 0.5% to 3% of all cats each year. With approximately 95.6 million pet cats in the United States, that’s as many as 2.8 million US cats suffering from UTIs, crystals, and urethral blockages every year.

In one study of 101 cats with symptoms of FLUTD, 5% of the cats died of the condition. Among cats diagnosed with urethral blockages, that mortality rate could go as high as 10%.

And with so many cats on dry diets, those statistics should worry everyone.

Multiple studies have shown that cats on dry diets are more likely to suffer from urinary tract disease.

Cats seldom drink enough water to make up for the moisture depletion of a dry diet, meaning that dry diets put your cat at risk of chronic dehydration.

This mild dehydration reduces your cat’s urine volume and makes it more concentrated, making your cat’s body less effective at flushing out minerals and other crystal-causing material.

Even dry foods formulated for urinary tract health may be a problem.

It turns out that a high-moisture diet could be the best way to ensure that your cat stays healthy.

High-moisture food keeps water flowing through your cat’s system, which flushes out mineral deposits and helps to prevent infection. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of high-moisture food, showing that it can help to reduce FLUTD recurrence and may prevent it altogether.

Considering that cats evolved to get their moisture in their food, not the water bowl, any food that’s less than 70% water is deficient in the world’s most important nutrient.

So why are we still feeding our cats diets that are, effectively, nutritionally deficient?

Since it started about 80 years ago, the cat food market hasn’t changed much. Whether dry or wet, most pet food is made with convenience in mind. And dry food is the most convenient option of them all. It has what it takes to keep your cat alive and, for most pet food companies, that’s enough.

We aren’t doing anything wrong by feeding our cats what is convenient, readily available, and often, recommended by our veterinarians.

But as the research points towards dry food being a dangerous choice, it’s up to us to make a better decision. Fortunately, more of us are recognizing the need for better food and healthier options are more accessible than ever before.

If you want to keep your cat healthy, you need to switch to a better diet.

The first step towards a better diet is simple: add water.

As soon as you can, start the transition to a moisture-rich food. It could be a cheap canned food or it could be something you pour out of a pouch. It could be raw, cooked, homemade, or fresh.
Just make sure that it’s nutritionally complete and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines for your cat’s life stage.

We’ve focused on urinary tract health up until now, but every cat can benefit from a healthier diet.

You know that low-quality food lowers your energy levels and, over time, could whittle away at your health. We could all benefit from a fresh, whole diet. The same applies to our cats.

Whether your cat is already in good health, overweight, or suffering from health issues like IBD and allergies, a healthier diet will help to increase their wellbeing. Streamlined, species-appropriate diets are proven to help to reduce inflammation, improve skin and coat health, increase energy, and benefit digestive health.

And the benefits go beyond your cat’s health. By reducing your cat’s odds of developing a serious health issue, the right diet can help you to save tens of thousands of dollars on vet bills over time.

We’re here to help you choose the right diet for your cat.

Over the last few years, has spent thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and sampling cat food. After reviewing hundreds of formulas and over 80 different brands, we know the difference between good and bad cat food.

Based on this extensive research, we’ve identified three options that will help you to keep your cat healthy.

3rd-Best Option: Homemade Food

Typical Price: $0.87- $7.00 per day

If you have the time and interest, consider a home-cooked diet.

If you have the right recipe and ample space on your calendar, a home-cooked diet can be the most nutritious and delicious type of food you can give your cat.

Making your own food allows you to tailor your cat’s diet to his unique nutritional needs and flavor preferences while controlling the quality of every ingredient. While traditional dry foods contain highly-processed rendered meat meals and vaguely-named ingredients, a homemade diet only contains what you want it to.

But between finding a good recipe and preparing the food itself, a homemade diet is extremely time-consuming.

2nd Best Option: Smalls Fresh Cat Food Delivery.

Typical Price: $1.00 – $3.66 per day

Let’s say you want to give your cat outstanding nutrition and good ingredient quality, but you don’t want to make your own homemade cat food. A fresh cat food delivery service is the right option for you.

For example, consider Smalls: Food. For Cats.

While it doesn’t give you the same amount of control over your cat’s diet and isn’t custom-portioned, Smalls is a high-quality alternative to homemade food. With an easy-peasy ordering process and custom delivery schedules, this fresh cat food delivery is as convenient—if not more—than your typical dry cat food.

Smalls fresh cat food is made from human-quality ingredients and manufactured in a USDA-certified kitchen. So while most dry cat food is made from rendered meals and mystery meats that aren’t qualified for human consumption, Smalls uses ingredients that are good enough for you to eat.

Furthermore, all Smalls fresh food recipes are made with your cat’s carnivorous dietary needs in mind. They emphasize meat ingredients, with muscle meat and organs taking up the bulk of each recipe.


#1 Best Option: Nom Nom Fresh Cat Food Delivery

Typical Price: $2.00 – $6.00 per day

If you want to give your cat a high-quality food personalized for his needs, try Nom Nom—our pick for the best fresh cat food on the market. After researching the industry, reviewing over 200 recipes, and sampling dozens of foods, we’ve chosen Nom Nom as the best high-moisture, fresh cat food you can buy.

Besides this brand’s superior nutrition and personalized plans, their foods are among the tastiest products we’ve tried. Nom Nom foods were a hit with our feline taste-testers and customer reviews show they’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of packages of Nom Nom have already arrived at customers’ doors, delivering fresh food and earning rave reviews from both cats and humans.

Like Smalls, Nom Nom is a fresh cat food delivery service, but it goes a step further to deliver personalized nutrition that meets your cat’s unique needs.

Their recipes are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and made from restaurant-quality ingredients. You won’t find any by-products or mystery meats in these foods. They’re manufactured in facilities that meet the same requirements that apply to kitchens that handle food for human consumption. What’s more, each batch is made-to-order and portioned out for your cat’s calorie needs.

And once the foods are prepared and packaged, they’re promptly shipped to your door. Each meal arrives cold—never frozen—so your cat gets the taste, texture, and nutrition of an ultra-fresh meal.

Overall, Nom Nom’s fresh cat food is an outstanding investment in your cat’s health.

Between its high-quality ingredients, superior nutrition, and custom-portioned packages, Nom Nom cat food is one of the most impressive products we’ve seen yet. By lowering your cat’s risk of diabetes, urinary tract disease, and obesity, Nom Nom cat food could save you thousands over the course of their life.


It’s easy to cancel your subscription at any time and, if you don’t notice a positive difference within the first 30 days, Nom Nom guarantees 100% of your money back. It’s a risk-free way to experience the benefits of a fresh diet.

While we’re currently able to offer our readers 50% off of their first order, this deal could end at any time. Act quickly to secure your discount before it’s no longer available.

And in case you already have food at home, remember that a gradual transition to Nom Nom is healthier than their old diet alone and, if you want to save Nom Nom for later, the food comes in easy-to-store, freezer-friendly packages.

There’s no reason to delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had cats before, fed them cheap kibble all of their lives, and they were perfectly healthy. What makes you so sure that a fresh diet is better?

It’s true. Cats can survive on a dry, low-quality diet.

But all of the research suggests that these cats live with an increased risk of health issues.

You may have five cats who appear to live long, healthy lives on a poor diet, but the sixth could have a painfully different experience. The convenience of a lower-quality diet isn’t worth the suffering experienced by a cat who eventually develops a preventable condition like feline lower urinary tract disease.

Furthermore, surviving isn’t the same as thriving. Fresh diets lead to changes like a shinier coat, smaller stool, more energy, fresher breath, and other unexpected health improvements. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

My cat’s not sick now, so why should I change a good thing?

A low-value diet can whittle away at your cat’s health for years before you see any problems. In the meantime, your cat might not be as healthy as you think they are. Cats on dry diets often have poor digestion, high blood sugar, and are overweight—and these issues can be difficult to spot.

Additionally, if you don’t see a positive improvement in your cat’s health within the first 30 days, you’re covered by Nom Nom’s 100% care-grade guarantee.

My cat loves his food. Shouldn’t I feed him what makes him happy?

There’s no denying it. Most cats love dry cat food. But they don’t love it for its low moisture content or low-quality ingredients. It takes patience, but most cats can be converted to a higher-quality, higher-moisture diet that’s good for both their taste buds and their long-term health.

Additionally, even cats who hate canned food love the taste and texture of Nom Nom’s fresh cat food. With the taste and texture of table scraps, fresh food taps into your cat’s desire to chomp and tear his meals.

How do I know how much Nom Nom fresh cat food to feed my cat?

Making sure that your cat eats the right amount of food can be a struggle. Free-feeding often leads to overeating and obesity and attempting portion control on a dry diet could give you a hungry, grouchy cat.

Nom Nom’s fresh cat food delivery makes portion control simple. When you order, you’ll answer questions about your cat. Based on that information, the experts at Nom Nom will calculate your cat’s calorie needs and send just enough food to ensure that your cat stays at—or reaches—the ideal weight.

Is Nom Nom fresh cat food expensive?

Every Nom Nom subscription is priced slightly differently. Your costs will vary based on your cat’s weight, your delivery frequency, your cat’s unique needs, and whether or not you have a multiple-cat home. Across all variables, Nom Nom usually costs between $2 and $6 per day.

That’s more expensive than typical dry cat food, but you’re investing in your cat’s long-term health. A high-quality fresh diet will slash your cat’s chances of developing urinary tract disease and other diet-related conditions, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over the course of your cat’s life.

That said, if budget is your top priority, try Smalls fresh cat food instead.

Here’s how to get started with Nom Nom fresh cat food delivery.

Switching your cat to Nom Nom’s fresh cat food is simple. You’ll start on the Nom Nom website and start signing up for either a variety pack or a trial subscription.

A variety pack allows you to experience Nom Nom’s two recipes without any customization, while a trial subscription sends you a two-week supply of custom-portioned pouches. Nom Nom offers 20% off of this order by default, but we’re offering our readers 50% off.


Let’s walk step-by-step through the process of signing up for a trial subscription.

Step 1

Once you’ve started the signup process, Nom Nom will guide you through a series of questions about your household and your cats’ needs.

Step 2

First, Nom Nom wants to know if you have dogs or cats. If you have a multiple-pet home and want to buy Nom Nom for both dogs and cats, you can adjust your subscription later.

Step 3

In order to keep everything organized in your account, Nom Nom collects basic information about your cat’s name, sex, and breed.

Step 4

In this step, Nom Nom starts collecting important information that helps them determine how many calories your cat needs each day. You’ll enter your cat’s weight and age.

Step 5

Then you’ll tell Nom Nom about your cat’s figure. By providing information about your cat’s physique—telling Nom Nom if he’s underweight, just right, or overweight—you help them decide how many calories he’ll need in each meal.

Step 6

Once Nom Nom has gathered information about your cat’s calorie needs, they’ll want to know if your cat has any health issues that could affect their diet. If your cat has a health issue not mentioned on this list, you can contact Nom Nom’s customer support line for personalized support.

Step 7

After you’ve answered all of those questions about your cat, Nom Nom will suggest a selection of recipes to include in your subscription. You can select or remove recipes at this stage or add an additional pet. Once everything looks just right, you’ll continue to finalize your order.

Step 8

And once you’ve entered your shipping information, Nom Nom will calculate the price of your order, apply your trial discount, and summarize the order. Enter your payment information and finalize the order.

Once you’ve created your account, you can easily manage your subscription from the customer portal.

When you start your trial subscription, you’re automatically signed up for recurring monthly shipments. Use the customer portal to adjust your shipping frequency, update the recipes included in your order, add a pet, or cancel your subscription.

Nom Nom’s account management system is intuitive and easy-to-use. If you need anything that isn’t available on the site, you can contact Nom Nom’s customer support line. The customer care team is ready to help you out via email, chat, or phone call Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PT.


Click the button to get 50% off your first order and see how Nom Nom can make a difference in your cat’s life.

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