Jennifer Frankenberg’s calico Abby suffers from a neurological disorder. Medications made her lethargic and sick, but within three weeks of switching to a fresh Nom Nom diet, her attacks went away and her quality of life greatly improved.


“We have been amazed at the reduction in her attacks since we changed her food!”

Jennifer Frankenberg’s gold-eyed calico Abby had always been in generally good health—until about two years ago when she developed twitching in her back and started behaving a bit strangely. “It helped when we calmed her, physically petting her,” says Jennifer, “but other than that we couldn’t do much for her.”

A Worrying Diagnosis

The vet diagnosed Abby with feline hyperesthesia, a neurological disorder. He recommended steroids and medications, but “it really didn’t seem to help much,” says Jennifer, “and I really didn’t like the changes it caused—she was lethargic and vomiting a lot.” So Jennifer and her family decided to take Abby off the medications, and try changing her diet.

Food as Medicine

Jennifer tried giving Abby several different types and brands of food, but wasn’t seeing results. Then she heard about Nom Nom.

“We gave her the first meal, and she almost clawed her way up my leg to get the food, which I’ve never seen before!” says Jennifer. “She loved it.” Abby was instantly a fan of both the Chicken Chow-Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast, where before Nom Nom she would only eat fish.

No More Attacks!

And the food was more than just tasty—it made a big difference in Abby’s quality of life. “Within the first three weeks, she seemed different, healthier,” says Jennifer. “The nervous ticks and reactions stopped. She used to have two to three attacks a day.

Then it was down to one. Then it was one every couple of days. My son, husband, and I have all been watching it, and we have not seen once since. You have no idea what a difference this has made.”

“I talked to our vet, and he kept asking what else I had changed. I told him absolutely nothing, except her food. It is incredible.”

Jennifer and her family are thrilled with the convenience Nom Nom offers, too. “We have a very busy household and none of us really have time to do a lot of shopping or thinking about what to buy.

It is so convenient that these show up at our door and we can just pull them out of the refrigerator and put them in her bowl. We love it and have never had a quality problem like we have with some of our human food delivery services.”

“After seeing the difference, I am not looking back. We have been amazed at the reduction in her attacks since we changed her food! She loves the meals and the direct-to-your door service is great! We highly recommend Nom Nom!”

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