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Find out how many calories your cat should eat per day.

Enter your cat's information and select the appropriate number from the body composition chart below, then click the "See Results" button to see their ideal daily calories.

Cat Calorie Calculator
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Carefully observe your cat’s silhouette and body composition, then compare it to the illustrations and descriptions in the chart below. Select the number that most closely describes your cat’s body condition.

Your cat’s ribs, backbone, and pelvic bones are very easy to see and feel. Their belly is dramatically tucked and, when viewed from above, their waistline looks dramatic. They have lost muscle mass.
Cat's Body Condition 1
When you pet your cat, it’s easy to feel their ribs, backbone, and pelvic bones. These bones are also somewhat easy to see. They have a severe waistline and tucked abdomen.
Cat's Body Condition 2
When you stroke your cat, you can feel their ribs, pelvis, and backbone under a thin layer of fat. They have an hourglass shape and a visible tummy tuck, but their curves are gradual and not severe.
Cat's Body Condition 3
When you stroke your cat, you can only feel their ribs after applying pressure. The backbone and pelvis are difficult to feel. While your cat has a tummy tuck, they don’t have a tucked abdomen when viewed from the side.
Cat's Body Condition 4
You cannot feel your cat’s ribs or backbone through the thick layer of fat covering them. Your cat’s abdomen extends out to the side and downward, giving them a barrel-like shape. There are fat deposits one legs, face, and tail as well.
Cat's Body Condition 5