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What to Feed a Maine Coon Kitten?

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09/10/2022 1:42 pm
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Next week I’m adding two male Maine Coon kittens (4 months old) to my family.

I tried to find out which foods are best for them and got confused. It looks like every expert/ breeder has his own opinion for the best food and feeding plan.

Some say that I should feed only dry food, other say that only canned food is suitable and some believe that row food is the only food…

I think that a mixture of dry and wet food will give the best solution.

What do you think?


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16/10/2022 8:00 pm

Hi Avishay, 

Thank you for messaging us with your question, we're very happy to help. 

Picking a food for your kittens can be overwhelming as there's so many options out there. The main thing that we look for is a high quality diet with lots of calories, rich in protein and plenty of omega-3s for healthy brain development. 

We've put this list together of recommended kitten foods which might be helpful for you;

Feeding wet and dry food is perfectly fine. We try to encourage a lot of wet food as cat's need extra moisture in their diet and this helps urinary tract health and kidney function. So for example instead of doing a 50:50 ratio I would lean towards feeding mostly wet food with a little bit of dry food if possible. 

Best of luck with your new additions, they'll provide lots of fun and excitement!