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Cat food - Naturawl...

Cat food - Naturawls

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05/11/2022 7:14 pm
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Hi there,

I'm so happy for this website available for all us pet owners. I noticed this food is not available in your compilation on this website: Naturawls Raw Cat food. It is one of the more reasonably priced foods and I was wondering, do any of you use it or have any information about this food?

My calculation is that it would be cheaper than most canned foods. The ingredient list is rather short, not sure if that's good or bad for cats.




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09/11/2022 8:48 pm

Hello there! Very interesting. While the ingredients do appear to provide all of the muscle meat, organs, and bones that a cat would need (and the fact that it's raw suggests that it retains more nutrients than cooked food), it looks like Naturawls hasn't been demonstrated to meet cats' dietary requirements either through feeding trials or nutrient profiles. It's recommended that you supplement it with a fish oil or other fatty acid supplement as well as kelp. It looks quite appealing and like it might be a healthy choice, but the lack of demonstrable nutritional completeness does make me hesitant to recommend this brand as a dietary mainstay. Perhaps it would be a good swap for 10% of your cat's diet to be on the safe side. Thank you for sharing and asking, and we'll consider this brand for future content as well.