Can someone help?  

Rebecca Herroscheck
Originally Answered: Can someone help?

Smalls is a great food yes!  The customer service is horrible!  You can't talk to anyone.  I have a crisis here.  The food was shipped every 2 weeks and it came yesterday.!

I was not the normal box and I found that inside the box was a plastic bag and in the plastic bag was a wet smalls box but the food was frozen.  I was under the impression dry ice does not produce water?  So what happened?  I am afraid to use the food, have emailed them to priority send a new shipment asap to no avail.  WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I FEED MY 3 CATS UNTIL THE FOOD ARRIVES.  I know how important it is to change food slowly and I don't want them to get sick.  Can someone help?


Dr. Aisling O'Keeffe MVB CertSAM ISFMAdvCertFB MRCVS
Originally Answered: Can someone help?

Hi Rebecca,

I'm sorry to hear about your cat food problem. Have you received a new delivery?

If you haven't, I'd recommend feeding a food that is simliar to your current food e.g. same protein source. The other option is feeding a sensitive food, it's still a new food type which isn't ideal as you say but as it's sensitive it may prevent a tummy upset.

We have some suggestions here if it's helpful;

I hope you get sorted soon,



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