Is Your Cat Thinking Outside of the Litter Box? Litter Box Acceptance

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All About the Litter Box?

In this module, you'll learn everything you need to know about the litter box. Unpack the qualities of a good litter box and determine whether or not your cat's current box meets their needs.
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Choosing a Good Litter Box

Location, Location, Location!?

The location of your cat's litter box is a critical part of creating a healthy bathroom and preventing inappropriate elimination! In this module, you'll learn which places in your home are best (and worst!) for the litter box.

What You Put in the Box: All About Cat Litter?

What you put in your cat's litter box is just as important as the box you choose. In this module, you'll learn which types of litter are best and which make cats want to avoid the box at all costs.

Multi-Cat Issues?

When multiple cats share a home, territorial issues can develop around the litter box. In this module, you'll learn about the most common dynamics that cause litter box problems in multi-cat homes. You'll also learn how to solve them.

Crate Training?

If you've tried all of the other tips in the course, and your cat is still going outside of the litter box, you may have to turn to crate training. In this module, Dr. Geller shares a step-by-step guide to effectively crate training your cat.

The Cats Love Their Box!?

Once you've taken all of the steps in the course so far, your cat should be happily using their litter box. In this module, we'll summarize everything you've learned and outline a roadmap for long-term success.


Litter box issues are the number one reason cats are returned to the shelter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. During her career as a behaviorist and consultant to numerous shelters, Rachel Geller, Ed.D. has used training and owner education to help hundreds of cats get back in the litter box and stay in their homes. Whether your cat has been peeing outside of the litter box or you just want to make sure they have the best litter box setup possible, this course will teach you everything you need to know. Get ready to become a litter box genius and help your cat fall back in love with the litter box.

What Will I Learn?

  • Part1
    Why cats stop using the litter box and exhibit inappropriate elimination behavior.
  • Part2
    How to set up a litter box your cat will love.
  • Part3
    How to use crate training to get even the most difficult cat to start using the litter box again.


For best results, we recommend that you follow along with the course, replacing your cat's litter, litter box, and litter setup as needed.

Target Audience

New cat guardians

People whose cats are going outside of the litter box

Anyone who wants to make sure their cat loves their litter box

About the instructor

Dr. Rachel Geller, Ed.D is a certified Cat Behavior and Retention Specialist through the Humane Society of the United States, a certified Humane Education Specialist through the Academy of Prosocial Learning, and a certified Pet Chaplain® through the Association of Veterinary Pastoral Education.   
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