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Jennifer Shepherd, DVM

Cloquet, Minnesota Cloquet Animal Hospital


  • Completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at the Ontario Veterinary College, have been practicing veterinary medicine since 2000, owner of Cloquet Animal Hospital since 2007


BS in biology from University of North Dakota, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University


I graduated from Colorado State University with a doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2000. After graduating, I completed a one year small animal internship at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in Guelph, ON. I then worked in small animal practices from 2001-2007 when I purchased Cloquet Animal Hospital. I have been working as head veterinarian and managing Cloquet Animal Hospital since 2007.


My husband Paul and I have three very active children that keep us busy. We also have two dogs, Rey and Apollo, Dottie the cat, and Pluto the goldfish. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy writing, photography, and running through the woods with my dog Apollo.


What Is Caterwauling and Why Do Cats Do It

Anyone who has a cat knows they have many ways to communicate with us including the beloved purr, meowing, jumping in our face, knocking things off counters, and weaving between our legs when we try to walk. But nothing gets our attention like the sound of a cat caterwauling, especially when it’s in the middle of the night. What Exactly...

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Cat Chirping: What Is It And What Does It Mean?

Cats have the ability to make a variety of different sounds. In fact, aside from birds, cats have the widest range of vocalizations of all domestic animals. Everyone is familiar with the most common cat sounds which include a friendly meow, the purr of contentment, and a hiss to signal anger, but I think my favorite sound I hear from...

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Cat Trilling: What Is It And What Does It Mean?

Cats are not shy about sharing their feelings. They don’t always show the same loyalty and affection that dogs do, but many households aren’t complete without cats. Maybe the reason we are so bonded to them is because of their desire to communicate with us. Why Do Cats Trill? Cats share their feelings in many ways, using their ears, eyes,...

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How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

We all expect human hospitals to have x-ray machines, but did you know most veterinary clinics have x-rays machines as well? X-rays (or radiographs) are a very important diagnostic tool to help veterinary teams determine what health problems your kitty has. When most pet owners think of x-rays, they think of broken bones, such as broken ribs. Assessing fractures is...

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whipworms in cat

Whipworms In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Our pets can be hosts to a number of intestinal parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. These parasites can affect the overall health and wellbeing of our companion animals. Whipworm infections can be especially challenging. They are harder to diagnose and treat and their eggs are much more hearty than other intestinal parasites. Types Of Whipworms There are two...

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Cat Fleas: Identification, Life Cycle, and Treatment

Fleas! The one word no one wants to hear. These tiny little insects make everyone in the household miserable. Fleas are not only a nuisance, making your pet itchy and uncomfortable, but they can cause serious health problems and spread diseases. The Cat Flea While over 2000 species of fleas have been identified, Ctenocephalides felis. or the common cat flea,...

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Metamucil For Cats: What You Need To Know

You are cleaning out the litterbox and notice that your cat’s stool is small, dry, and hard. Your cat is probably constipated. The first treatment most people think of is Metamucil. It works for humans, so does it work for cats, too? The short answer is that yes, Metamucil can work for cats. Keep reading for the details on safety,...

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Cat Dandruff: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Remedies

It seems cats are always grooming themselves, giving themselves a shiny and slick hair coat. So why is it that some cats have big white flakes of dandruff along their backs? Why do some cats develop dandruff and what can be done about it? In this article, you'll learn the details on cat dandruff and how to treat it. What...

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