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Melina Grin

Sydney, Australia Pet Nurture


  • Feline Behaviour, Feline Nursing, Canine & Feline Rehab Therapy.


ISFM Advanced Feline Behaviour for Veterinary Professionals, ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing, Karen Pryor Academy Train Your Cat, Fear Free Certified Professional, Physical Therapy (Canine & Feline), Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMT), Currently studying Animal Energy Practitioner Course.


Melina has extensive experience dealing with various cat behavioural issues and is highly skilled in nursing and rehabilitating her clients' beloved pets. She believes the best method to improving a pet's health and overall well-being is a holistic approach that considers both the pet and the guardian. She provides personalised care that addresses the root cause of the problem to restore balance.


Melina's love for animals began during her childhood when she cared for sick or stray dogs and cats. This sparked her dream of becoming a veterinarian. However, the lessons she learned from her three cats led her in a slightly different direction. After working as a nurse in the veterinary field, she became interested in feline behaviour, bodywork therapies, and energy medicine. My cats are my teachers and healers. Dedicated to loving, caring and advocating for cats worldwide!


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Why Do Cats Blink?

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Melina Grin