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Melina Grin

Sydney, Australia Pet Nurture (Self Employed)


  • Feline Nursing, Canine & Feline Rehab Therapy, Feline Behaviour


ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing, Karen Pryor Academy Train Your Cat, Fear Free Certified Professional, Physical Therapy (Canine & Feline), Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMT), Currently studying ISFM Advanced Feline Behaviour for Veterinary Professionals.


Distinct interest and passion in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Feline Behaviour. Membership Associations: Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA), International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) and Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association (SAENA)


My cats are my teachers and healers. Dedicated to loving, caring and advocating for cats worldwide!


Which Personality Type Does Your Cat Have?

Cats like humans are extraordinary beings with individual personalities, needs and preferences. It’s important to identify your cat’s temperament as cats with different characters and likings have distinct environmental and social needs required to achieve...

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Melina Grin
Maine Coon cat playing with its owner

How To Make A Cat-Friendly Garden

Cats are instinctively exploratory, territorial hunters and climbers. Spending time outdoors is fun, reduces stress, and provides lots of stimulation for cats. An enriched cat-friendly garden that keeps your feline safe benefits their welfare and...

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Melina Grin