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Dr. Pete Wedderburn, DVM

Ireland Online and at my clinic


  • Worked in Africa studying cattle parasites, worked in the UK in mixed farm and pet practice, worked around the world as a locum, bought my own clinic in Ireland, Gained an extra qualification in veterinary diagnostic imaging, developed a career in the media (writing, radio, tv and internet) in Ireland and the UK, set up my own new website to offer veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time at www.petfix.com


Qualified as a veterinarian in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1985. Have done minimum 30 hours continuing education every year since then, to keep myself up to date.


I am a companion animal veterinarian, with my own practice (employing five vets and five nurses) and I also have an online focus at my website, www.petfix.com.


I have been married for over thirty years to Joyce, and I have two daughters, Anna and Ella. We are all animal-mad, and we live with cats, dogs, hens, ducks and goldfish. I am passionate about triathlons in my spare time.


10 Ways To Calm Hyperactivity In Cats

Most cat owners prefer their cats to be calm, relaxed companions, soothing us as they purr in our laps. We also want our cats to be active when appropriate, entertaining us at playtime as they run and jump around our homes. But sometimes this activity can become excessive. When a cat is meowing and vocalizing, running around at top speed,...

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Feline AIDS featured image cat lying on the floor

Feline Aids: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

What Is Feline Aids? Feline AIDS (Feline Acquired Immune Deficiency) Syndrome) is a disease caused by  FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). As the name suggests, the syndrome has parallels with Human AIDS, caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). How Common Is Feline Aids? Feline AIDS is common all around the world, but its prevalence varies from location to location. For example,...

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Conjunctivitis In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Eye problems are common in cats, and conjunctivitis is the most common presentation. Most people have a vague understanding of the term “conjunctivitis”, and if their pet cat develops runny, sore-looking eyes, they may even think “my cat has conjunctivitis”. The aim of this article is to explain the details about conjunctivitis and to make it easier to help cats...

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How To Treat A Cat With A Swollen Paw

A swollen paw is one of the more common ailments that cats can suffer from. This article aims to explain the possible reasons for a swollen paw, and explain to cat carers the best way to help their cat in this situation. The definition of a swollen paw is simple: the paw looks bigger than normal. It’s easy to judge...

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Abscesses In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Abscesses are common in cats. This article aims to explain all about abscesses, including the possible consequences for your cat's health. What Is An Abscess? An abscess is an accumulation of pus under the skin, causing a fluid-filled swelling, sometimes referred to as a pocket of pus. The tissues adjacent to this swelling are often discolored, inflamed, and painful. What...

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What To Do If Your Cat Is Hit By A Car: A Step-By-Step Guide

If your cat spends any time outside, the biggest risk to their health is the motor car. Road accidents are one of the most common reasons cats need to be taken to the vet urgently. Vets have special abbreviations which they commonly use: HBC means “hit by car”, while RTA means “road traffic accident.” If your cat is hit by...

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Jaundice in cat

Jaundice (Icterus) In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A diagnosis of jaundice (icterus) in your cat can be worrying for cat owners. Read on for clear facts about what this means, and about the possible consequences for pet health. What Is The Difference Between Jaundice And Icterus? There is no difference between jaundice and icterus—both words have precisely the same meaning. Both are used to describe the yellow...

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Cat Ultrasound: Costs & How It Works

Ultrasound has become a common diagnostic procedure carried out on both healthy and sick cats and is now seen as a key part of good veterinary care. This article explains what an ultrasound is and the purpose of using ultrasound for cats. What Is An Ultrasound? "Ultrasound" is a commonly used expression to describe a diagnostic tool also known as...

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Cat Suddenly Lethargic and Weak: Causes & Treatment

Sudden lethargy in cats is a common and serious symptom of illness in cats. Read on for a simple, clear explanation about why this can happen, and what you should do if your cat is affected. What Is Sudden Lethargy? Sudden lethargy is a situation where a cat suddenly loses energy and interest in life. The definition of lethargy is...

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