3 year old Cat Slow...

3 year old Cat Slowing Down?  

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Originally Answered: 3 year old Cat Slowing Down?

hey guys!

  when i got shaanti, she was about 1 year and 14 months old; she turned 2 last year, and is turning 3 in a couple of months.

   we've had a pretty regular play schedule, where we play 5 minutes before breakfast, and then i throw some woolly balls for her afterwards.  after lunch, we have a half hour playtime (at first, she kept killing the wiggle worm for over 40 minutes each day!) and then treats and training time.

   lately, she has been less interested in playing.  sometimes after lunch she won't even bother to get up from her comfy seat.  (i have tried changing to different toys.)

   she's also been eating less, though her weight is stable.


   i'm wondering, is this a natural slow-down as she leaves behind kittenhood, or should i be concerned that she doesn't feel well?

Melina Grin
Originally Answered: 3 year old Cat Slowing Down?

Hello and thank you for being very observant.

Although cats play drive declines slightly at this age, the behavioral changes you mentioned regarding beautiful Shaanti can be indicative of either pain, distress or illness hence I recommend you contact your usual veterinarian to book a consult and a thorough health check.

Wishing you both good health


Warm regards,


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Originally Answered: 3 year old Cat Slowing Down?

thanks, melina!


  shaanti has returned to her normal eating and activity levels, but i will keep an eye on this!



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