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Best Wet food to prevent blockage  

Originally Answered: Best Wet food to prevent blockage

I have 2 5yo domestic short hair males who have suffered from blockage. The vet recommended Hills Science SO and Royal Cannin SO. Since starting them on it my tan tabbie has blown UP! He looks like he swallowed a football :(.......I discontinued the kibble for now (5days ago) and am only feeding wet food 1/2 3oz can 3x a day. I am looking for a highly recommended brand other than Hills and Royal Cannin!

Mallory Crusta
Originally Answered: Best Wet food to prevent blockage

Hi there! You didn't specify which wet food you're currently feeding. Did you switch over to the Royal Canin or Hill's canned foods for urinary tract health? Whether or not it's formulated for urinary tract health, wet food is generally a better option for weight control. Other than that, you might consider some of the recommendations in our article on the best cat food for urinary tract health. More information would be helpful!

Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, MRCVS
Originally Answered: Best Wet food to prevent blockage


Those two diets both have the ability to dissolve struvite stones - was this diagnosed as the cause of the blockage? When you say 'blown up', are you saying they've put weight on? These formulations are by nature high calorie but there should be a moderate calorie version available and your vet can help you work out how many calories to feed. It's essential he stays slim as obesity is a risk factor for urinary disease too.

It's probably worth talking to your vet if you need to change the food, as they'll have the exact diagnosis for your cats, but here are some thoughts:

  • For dissolving urinary stones, Hills and Royal Canin SO and Purina Pro Plan UR are all good.
  • For many cats that 'block', stress is a factor- if no struvites were found you may be able to use a diet like Royal Canin Calm or add in herbal calming supplements.
  • Increasing water intake by using ONLY wet food and providing lots of water fountains may help

However, it's important that you discuss all of these with your vet, as adding supplements to the urinary food can prevent it from working correctly.

I hope that helps!

Dr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM
Originally Answered: Best Wet food to prevent blockage

As a holistic veterinarian, I prefer I try to avoid prescription-type diets unless absolutely needed. For a male cat that has suffered from one blockage, I would not worry about one of these special diets, instead relying on natural therapies like glucosamine, herbs like marshmallow, or homeopathics like cantharis. For diet I agree that a canned food with extra liquid (water or flavored liquid like tuna juice) is likely better than dry food. For repeated blockages I would do a thorough evaluation including radiographs (X-rays) and an ultrasound of the bladder to check for stones, along with repeated urinalyses, urine cultures, and checking the feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus status. Surgery is a last resort if nothing else works to prevent future blockages.

Dr. Shawn Messonnier


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