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[Sticky] Important: No Direct Veterinary Advice  

Mallory Crusta
Originally Answered: [Sticky] Important: No Direct Veterinary Advice

While we encourage users to share their experiences and ideas with others in the community, it's important to clarify that nothing in this community should be construed as direct veterinary advice.

Always refer to a local veterinarian for diagnosis of any medical conditions and before considering any alternative treatment. 

So what kind of advice can you give and receive here? 

Please feel welcome to discuss health issues and ask questions related to your cat's health, including medical conditions and treatments. Any advice, however, should be considered a suggestion only and should not be a replacement for consultation with a local vet. Similarly, you're free to give advice, but please make it clear that you are not making a diagnosis or giving a particular course of action. 

Our expert moderators will watch the threads and may occasionally remind users that the advice given here is not a substitute for a veterinarian's examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

With these rules in mind, I hope that you find this forum to be a valuable and supportive community that helps you to stay informed and make better decisions about your cat's health and care. 


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