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Do I need to take m...

Do I need to take my cat to the vet?

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08/02/2024 3:47 pm
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I have a two and a half year old female Calico. she had been spayed. I notice that her belly was a bit firm but I can't really tell if anything is wrong. I touched and poked it and she didn't seem to be in pain. she is jumping around, eating food (maybe a bit more than usual but I thought maybe because it's cold outside) drinking water,etc.

Should I take her to a vet to get her stomach examined?


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09/02/2024 11:21 pm

As a cat "owner", my usual approach is that if something concerns me enough to ask the question, then listen to my instincts and go see the vet. Because of how small their bodies are, problems can become very bad, very fast. 

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