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My 3-legged cat is ...

My 3-legged cat is getting UTIs

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05/05/2022 7:27 am
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My 2yo 3 legged cat (missing back right) is developing UTI's. I'm wondering why it's recurring. We got her sanitary shave and been on top of cleaning the cat box. I wonder if this is just a thing, or what I can do to prevent it. I'm trying to find a non prescription dry food and I found some articles about the better wet foods. Plus sanitary shaves and I guess just being more on top of the cat box. I've heard of supplements but I don't even know what would be best. Very niche cat problem...

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13/05/2022 8:56 pm

Hi Sonia,

I'm sorry to hear that your cat has been having toileting issues. This is definitely not just a thing and it's good that you've noticed this and are being proactive. 

First of all if you haven't already, I would book your cat in for an examination with your vet along with them testing a urine sample. It's important to check the urine for infection, blood, crystals and protein. If it's a true UTI, your cat will need further medication from your vet. The presence of crystals, usually requires special prescription food. Other differentials would be cystitis, which often requires pain relief and behavioral problems (inappropriate toileting) which would require assessment. 

Things that will help any toileting situation, is trying to identify any causes of stress and resolving them e.g. new cat in the house, building work, new baby etc. Paying close attention to the litter box is crucial. The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one, in quiet private areas of the house and a large enough size for the cat. Cats are also quite sensitive to the type of litter substrate and often need unscented, soft fine litter which is spot cleaned daily. I would also recommend a good quality wet food added into your cat's diet to increase the moisture. 

I hope your cat is feeling better soon,