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Cat Has Two episode...

Cat Has Two episodes of FLUTD

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22/09/2022 5:15 pm
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Hi all! I am new to the community but I'm glad I found it because I have read so many great pieces of advice so far!

So my 1and half year old cat ( boy, neutered ) had two episodes of suspected feline lower track infection within a month. During the first one, I have noticed that he couldn't go to his litter and when he went , I saw some blood in his urine. We went straight to his vet and they gave us a course of Metacam for 5 days and a urinary supplement ( which I've been giving him every day since ). So this happened when we came back from a 5 day holiday but my trusted friend , who was coming to feed and pet him, did not observe abnormal behaviour while he was here and he would go to his litter normally. Second time, it happened a few hours after my partner left for a business trip , even though my cat was showing normal behaviour the day before. Again , we went to the vet and now he is on Metacam for 3 days. They ask me to provide an urine sample, which I did and turns out that he doesn't have any stones but they want another sample within 10 days to make absolutely sure that his kidneys are functioning ok. She said that everything seems to come down to separation anxiety. I have bought extra toys and pheromones diffusers and switched him to a urinary care diet ( hills ) because he has a tendency to eat more dry food and not drink water. Also , I bought him wet urinary care food and I add an extra teaspoon of water in there to make sure he is adequately hydrated. Is this something common of separation anxiety in cats?

Thank you!

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26/09/2022 3:48 pm

Hi Dimitrou,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. I’m sorry to hear that your cat has been unwell.

To answer your question, yes stress can cause urinary problems in cats. Cats are very prone to stress and they can be stressed by any change in their daily routine. This would definitely include being away from you for a few days.

Everything that you’re doing so far sounds fantastic. Diet is very important when it comes to urinary problems so continue adding in water to his wet food and increase his water intake wherever you can. The use of water fountains can help and plenty of water bowls around the house.

Plug-in pheromone diffusers are great to help with stress so continue with that too. It’s also worth seeing if there’s anything else that could be stressing him out e.g. an issue with another cat in the house or outside the house, recent change of furniture, change of litter or litter box location etc. Providing plenty of litter boxes (1 per cat plus 1 extra), food and water areas, beds, scratching posts and hiding areas can help with stress.

I’d recommend discussing relaxing supplements/medication with your vet for the next time that you need to go away. This might help to prevent stress which might prevent an episode.

There’s some more information here which you might find useful;

I hope that helps and that your kitty is feeling better soon,