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3 cats one with ear...

3 cats one with early renal disease

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01/06/2023 1:32 pm
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I absolutely LOVE this site thank you to all that contribute!

I have a shelter cat and 2 oriental shorthair cats.  They have been on Smalls food for a year and a half and my one oriental shorthair was recently diagnosed with early renal disease.  I saw on the site what I should feed but what do I do with the other two cats?  The other problem is I stopped dry food when I started Smalls and they are graze and you can't leave this food out long.  What to do about that?

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06/06/2023 8:02 am

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your questions. 

In terms of changing from dry to wet and grazing, it's true that you can't leave wet food out for long compared to dry food as it tends to spoil. I'd recommend feeding wet food in smaller more frequent portions if your cats are grazers. This involves using the same amount of wet food but splitting it into 3-5 smaller portions throughout the day. 

In terms of diet for your cats, is it possible for you to feed them different diets? This may be easier now that you're feeding them smaller meals throughout the day compared to dry food grazing as this would be harder to control. If your other cats have renal disease then you could feed them all the same food but if not, this may not be possible. I would recommend having a chat with your vet about this. 

I hope that helps,