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How to Get a Fussy Cat to Eat  

Gary S
Originally Answered: How to Get a Fussy Cat to Eat

My cats like raw best, but one will only eat kidney or liver. I try not to give too much liver due to Vitamin A abundance in it. Neither like  their food minced but will only eat it diced. The boy Timmy will pick out kidney from any mix and leave the rest. To solve this, and to make sure he gets calcium I make DIY kibble with bone meal and calcium powder. They will also not eat anything with additives, so one a week I give a squeezy Lic a Lix treat with taurine, omega 3 and vitamin E mixed in.

If anyone could advise on how I might get him to eat in a normal fashion I would be very grateful!

Mallory Crusta
Originally Answered: How to Get a Fussy Cat to Eat

Hi there! I apologize for the late reply. It's so interesting that your cat refuses to eat anything but liver and kidney! Both are so selective—I love it. 

So, this is most likely not a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, and I would be worried about some nutritional deficiencies from this sort of diet. The answer is going to depend on what you've tried in the past—have you tried using a raw food completer with the diced food? I know they don't like additives, but perhaps you can find a formula that they agree with. Mixing in pre-made freeze-dried raw food may also help. 

Faith Hill
Originally Answered: How to Get a Fussy Cat to Eat

Hi: I also have a fussy cat named Sly he is 1 year old. He is male. I have been trying to get him to eat wet food. When he was a kitten he would eat a little now none. I have a total of 3 males and I am concerned about urinary issues. The oldest Jagger eats wet. The kitten Neo eats wet. Sly only dry. I see him drink once a day. Any suggestions.  I had a fountain that Sly liked but the oldest cat  Jagger always dumps it over. I got tired of a flood mess. The oldest is 19lb male Jagger Neutered Tom.



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