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[Sticky] Which Wet Cat Food is *Actually* best?  

Originally Answered: [Sticky] Which Wet Cat Food is *Actually* best?

Hello! I was reading the ranking articles on here and saw they recommended two different wet foods for weight loss. 

I have a 4yo 14lb tuxedo who is strictly indoors, his vet stated my cat’s ideal weight is 12lbs and is recommended to lose weight.

I looked at two articles on here, the first one “10 Best Healthy Canned, Soft & Wet Foods for 2021” and they listed the Tiki Cat Succulent Chicken canned wet food is best for weight loss. 

The second article “8 Best Cat Foods for Overweight Cats” listed Wellness CORE grain-free indoor chicken & chicken liver canned wet food as best for indoor cats. 

So which of these two is actually best for my male kitty? Both brands are Grain-free, with Tiki Cat being more costly than the wellness CORE, so right now I’m leaning towards wellness CORE but is that the right move? 

Ellen Marcinkiewicz
Originally Answered: [Sticky] Which Wet Cat Food is *Actually* best?


Thanks for your post, it's wonderful that you want to help your boy achieve a healthy body weight.

Either food would be a good choice to help you achieve this goal. The key to weight loss is reducing the daily calorie intake and creating a deficit. Increasing exercise through play or using food-puzzle toys can also help, as can feeding wet food instead of dry kibble.

When you decide which food you would like to use, your vet can formulate a feeding plan, especially for your cat, to help you work out how much to feed to achieve weight loss.

All the best,

Dr. Ellen Marcinkiewicz BVSc. MRCVS 

Originally Answered: [Sticky] Which Wet Cat Food is *Actually* best?

I was feeding my cats Ziwi and Feline Natural wet food.  They loved all the flavors.  For some reason both cats just stopped eating it.  Both are made in NZ.  I wrote to one of the companies & asked if production had changed in any way, and was assured it wasn't.  I switched to Lotus Juicy and Open Farm dry.  Both cats love the change.


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