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Dr. Corinne Wigfall BVMBVS(Hons) BVMedSci(Hons)

New Zealand I work in a busy emergency hospital treating very sick and injured animals on some nights, and also work online giving owners pet advice, or writing helpful articles to help owners feel more confident about understanding their pets health and well being.


  • I am particularly interested in emergency medicine. I have enjoyed going on team charity desexing clinics in the pactific islands for the last three years- its my version of a holiday!


BVM BVS(Hons) BVMedSci(Hons) Nottingham University 2014


I have worked in equine, mixed and small animal practice with a shift to small animal emergency medicine and teletriage.


I enjoy the great outdoors and love to be active, and spending time with my daughter. If its a rainy day and we cannot get outside, I enjoy sewing or crochet projects. We have a cat Milo, and a Labrador, Amber so life is very busy!