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Krista Sirois

West Palm Beach, FL Florida Veterinary Behavior Service


  • Research presented at Veterinary Behavior Symposium 2020 "Assessment of Stress in Pet Cats."


B.A. in Biochemistry at Eastern University 2006; Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine from Louisiana State University 2016; Completed Small Animal Rotating Medicine & Surgery Internship at VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado 2017; Completed Clinical Behavioral Medicine Residency at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service 2020


Dr. Sirois joined the veterinary field at at 16 and was never able to stay away for long. After college she was a veterinary technician for 5 years before choosing to go to vet school. A passion for behavioral medicine developed during that time and she has been pursuing specialization ever since.


Animals have always been a big part of my life, from wonderful childhood pets, to observing wildlife, and my mother raising over a dozen service dogs. Rescuing a terrified and aggressive kitten taught me how much I didn't know and sent me down the path to behavior specialization. I have been fortunate enough to live all over the country and experience a variety of cultures and people here. My home is shared with a Pug-mix Molly, and 3 unique and beautiful cats: Chupie, Ducati, and Stanley. Even in my down time I enjoy learning through visiting museums or watching documentaries and a new hobby of maintaining freshwater aquariums.


Focused feline engaged in grooming, delicately licking its fur to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

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Krista Sirois