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Dr. Rosalind Wright

United Kingdom A small animal veterinary hospital in Brighton, UK


  • Studying at Cornell University summer school, volunteering with streetvet to provide veterinary care for the homeless, nurturing my special interests in emergency and critical care medicine and client communications.


I graduated from The University of Liverpool UK in 2007 with degrees in Veterinary Science and in Conservation Medicine.


On graduating, I took on a job in a truly mixed practice that served the local farm community, a small zoo and exotic pets, alongside dogs and cats. I developed a strong interest in small animal emergency and critical care medicine. So I moved to a role as a night vet at a busy small animal veterinary hospital, where I completed a further qualification in emergency and critical care medicine and surgery. I also worked as a locum at various small animal practices. Nowadays, I have moved to a day role at the same hospital treating the sickest patients whilst they are in the hospital wards. Outside the clinic, I enjoy writing for vets and the general public and leading a local team for the charity StreetVet.


Away from work, I enjoy running and walking my elderly German Shorthair Pointer, 'Teddy' - who used to be my running companion in his younger years. In the last few years I have taken up sea swimming, but only in the summer months! I love being outdoors but also enjoy music, the arts and visiting European cities.