Correcting Unwanted Scratching Behavior

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Why Cats Scratch

Why Cats Scratch00:3:26
Check Your Knowledge: Why Do Cats Scratch?

How to Choose a Scratching Post?

You'll learn about the best types of scratching posts, including the materials cats like most and which post sizes tend to work the best.

Positioning the Scratching Post?

In this module, we'll learn about the best places to put your cat's scratching post.

Redirecting Scratching Behavior?

Get excited—we're going to start redirecting your cat's scratching behavior and teaching them to scratch the post or pad rather than your furniture.

Successful Scratching?

Once we've redirected your cat's scratching behavior, you should see them scratching your chosen surfaces consistently.


In this course hosted by Dr. Rachel Geller, Ed.D., you’ll take your cat from couch-shredder to a confident scratching post user. Feline scratching behavior is normal, healthy, and should not be discouraged. Instead of being frustrated with your cat’s scratching, Dr. Geller will teach you how to train your cat to scratch in appropriate, non-destructive locations.

If you’re living with a hardcore shredder, this course will take you from struggling with unwanted scratching behavior to having a cat who loves scratching their post.

Before you start your first lesson, click here to download our list of recommended supplies and resources. 

What Will I Learn?

  • Part1
    Why you don't want to stop your cat from scratching
  • Part2
    Which kinds of scratching posts and pads actually work
  • Part3
    How to redirect your cat's scratching behavior effectively

Materials Included

5 video lessons

Recommendations for the best scratchers and deterrents


To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you follow along with each of the training steps with your cat.

Target Audience

New cat guardians

Anyone whose cat tends to scratch unwanted surfaces

About the instructor

Dr. Rachel Geller, Ed.D is a certified Cat Behavior and Retention Specialist through the Humane Society of the United States, a certified Humane Education Specialist through the Academy of Prosocial Learning, and a certified Pet Chaplain® through the Association of Veterinary Pastoral Education.   
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