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RE: Proden plaque off powder and virbac cat dry food

Hi Deepthi, Thanks for your questions. I've used plaque off for years on my own pets and in practice as a vet. I've never noticed any side effects a...

7 months ago
RE: Hypoallergenic food recommendation for my british shorthair cat

Hi Maria, I think trying hypoallergenic food for your cat Pepas is a good idea. Specific is a good option, but is usually only available through vet...

7 months ago
RE: Why/how bland food helps with gastroenteritis (vomit/diarrhea) in cats?

@kriefcorinne Bonjour Joel, merci d'avoir posé votre question. Je suis désolé d'apprendre la maladie de votre chat. On dirait qu'elle ne se sent pa...

8 months ago
RE: Hip and Joint Health?

Hi Janice, Thanks for contacting us with your question. It's a good question as cats have impressive reflexes (in fact, 6 times faster than our own)...

9 months ago
RE: Renal Cat Food: Hill's or Royal Canin?

Hi Atefe, Apologies for the delay in replying to your message and thanks for reaching out to us with your question. The basis of any good renal di...

10 months ago
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