Cat Behavior

10 Ways To Calm Hyperactivity In Cats

Most cat owners prefer their cats to be calm, relaxed companions, soothing us as they purr in our laps. We also want our cats to be active when appropriate, entertaining us at playtime as they run and jump around our homes. But sometimes this activity can become excessive. When a cat is meowing and vocalizing, running around at top speed,...

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cat smelling olives in spoon

Why Are Some Cats So Obsessed With Olives?

Have you ever noticed your cat go crazy when there are olives on the table? It might sound strange, but you’re not alone. Cats are particularly attracted to the taste and smell of olives and often get excited or exhibit some strange behaviors making it seem like they are obsessed with olives. There’s a genuine reason behind this silly behavior...

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What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You?

Despite the fact that our cats aren't able to talk to us the way we talk to each other, they absolutely do have their own way of communicating with humans. There might not be an exchange of words, but cats have become very good at getting their message across. Cat Winking No, you weren't imagining it, your cat definitely does...

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cat grooming each other

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other? Reasons Why Cats Socially Groom

Domestic cats are fastidious animals, and the main way they keep themselves clean is through grooming. Many of us have multiple feline friends in the same household and have noticed that they groom not only themselves but sometimes each other. How did this behavior evolve? How is it decided who grooms who? Let’s explore the details on why grooming plays...

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Why Is My Cat Pooping In The Tub?

Finding poop in your bathtub is always an unpleasant surprise. You might think your cat is just being naughty, but this is definitely not the case. There is an underlying reason they felt compelled to find a novel toilet, even if it is not obvious to you at first. A change in toileting habits should not be ignored. This article...

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Why Is My Cat Staring At Me? Top 5 Reasons Explained

Have you ever walked into a room to find your cat staring at you, or witnessed them watching you as you eat? Your cat is not challenging you to a staring contest but why is your cat staring at you? There are a variety of reasons why a cat may be staring at you including trying to communicate with you,...

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How Much Catnip Should I Give My Cat & How Often Is Safe?

As pet parents, we all want to do what’s right for our feline family members, whether it’s feeding them the right cat food or using the perfect cat litter in their litter box. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to tell whether something is safe, even if everyone’s doing it. Take catnip for example. Do you know what catnip is, how...

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Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree?

Cats exhibit many behaviors that we find strange, but your cat climbing up you as if you are a tree is not only bizarre, it's painful, too! Although this unwanted behavior is most commonly seen in kittens as they explore their surroundings and burn off some of their boundless energy, adult cats sometimes climb up people, as well. This odd...

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long haired brown tabby cat meowing

7 Reasons Your Female Cat Is Meowing A Lot Suddenly

All cat owners will have heard their cat meow at some stage. Most cats will use their voices to communicate with both humans and other cats. Some cats are very vocal and meow a lot; other cats are quieter and we rarely hear any noise from them. Some breeds of cats are generally more vocal than others, for example, Bengal...

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Why Does My Cat Bite My Feet?

All cat owners have been the victim of a foot ambush. We all know the routine—you sit down to rest or get into bed and your cat pounces at your feet for no apparent reason. The moment you move your toes; they attack those, too. So why do cats attack feet? Cats are known for exhibiting some strange and inexplicable...

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