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Mallory is the Head of Content at and an NAVC-certified Pet Nutrition Coach. Having produced and managed multimedia content across several pet-related domains, Mallory is dedicated to ensuring that the information on is accurate, clear, and engaging. When she’s not reviewing pet products or editing content, Mallory enjoys skiing, hiking, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She has two cats, Wessie and Forest.


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The 3 Best Cat DNA Tests: We Tried Them All

Cat DNA tests promise to help you understand your cat’s genetic ancestry and health, but each one is a little bit different. Some DNA tests focus on breed, while others concentrate on health markers or both. Are they accurate? What can they really tell you about your cat? And would you get the same results from testing the same cat...

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Petlibro Dockstream cordless water fountain feature

Petlibro Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain for Cats Review

Looking for a battery-operated cat water fountain? You’re not alone. On our water fountain reviews here on the website and on our YouTube channel, we’ve gotten numerous comments from cat owners who want a fountain they don’t need to plug in. Compared to corded fountains, cordless cat water fountains can be a safer option for cats who chew on...

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What Does Catnip Do To Cats & Why Cats Like It?

As the only recreational drug for cats, catnip (nepeta cataria) is a uniquely stimulating plant that’s almost as puzzling as cats themselves. Between 67% and 80% of the adult feline population is sensitive to catnip. Sensitive cats react to catnip by going a bit crazy—rolling around on the floor, licking up as much ‘nip as they can, rubbing their heads...

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cost of owning a cat

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Cat In 2023

You can care for a cat for as low as $162 per year, but it’s common to spend about $800 annually. Read on for our detailed breakdown of your annual and lifetime costs. In their oft-cited “Pet Care Costs” publication, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) estimates that a new cat will cost $1,174 in...

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petlibro granary automatic feeder featured image

Petlibro Granary Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera Review

When it was released in 2021, the Granary was Petlibro’s most advanced pet feeder, with excellent security, a stainless steel bowl, and freshness features to keep your cat’s kibble crisp. We reviewed the Granary feeder that year and named it Petlibro’s best feeder yet. In the year since we published that review, Petlibro has launched several more automatic feeders with...

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Can cats drink milk feature

Is Milk Good For Cats?

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the relationship between cats and milk, exploring milk’s nutritional benefits and health effects, why cats shouldn’t drink too much milk, and what you can give your cat instead. Can Kittens Drink Milk? There’s no denying it. Cats can definitely drink milk. You’ve seen the illustrations of kittens clustered around a saucer...

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cost of pet insurance for cats feature

How Much Is Pet Insurance For A Cat, And Is It Really Worth It?

On average, it costs about $27.70 per month or $332 annually to insure an adult cat in the United States.  Premiums are highest for older cats, especially those insured later in life, and those living in expensive zip codes. You can lower that premium by adjusting your policy. Leaner coverage, higher deductibles, lower annual payout caps, and lower reimbursement percentages...

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The 6 Best Flea Shampoos For Cats

To identify the best flea shampoo for cats, I’ve researched the insecticides most commonly found in flea shampoos, evaluating toxicity information from OEHNA’s chemical database along with EPA pesticide risk assessments, and referring to the veterinary product database on Like most other flea treatment products, flea shampoos are notorious for their apparent connection to serious and sometimes fatal reactions....

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fresh cat food

The 4 Best Fresh Cat Food Meal Delivery Services

The best fresh cat food meal delivery service ships out high-quality, ultra-nourishing meals, helping you give your cat his best life while making yours a little bit easier. Because it combines human-grade ingredient quality with cat-worthy nutrition and is one of the only services that provide customized portions, we’ve chosen Smalls as the overall best fresh cat food meal delivery...

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The 11 Best Non-Clumping Cat Litters

Veterinary review of this article includes only the medical information in this article. The veterinarian reviewing this article does not personally endorse, recommend, or vouch for the efficacy or claims of any product mentioned in this article. With so many cat litter brands out there, it can be tough to know which one to choose. We’re here to help you...

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