Oriental Shorthair Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Breed Information

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Oriental Shorthair
United Kingdom
8"- 10"
Adult weight
6 - 12 pounds
Life Span
12-15 years
Curious, affectionate, easygoing, playful
Medium-sized short-haired
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Personality and Temperament

If you love Siamese cats, then you'll probably adore Oriental Shorthair cats just as much! These amazing kitties are sized and shaped like their close cousins, but they display an incredible variety of colors and patterns.

Not only is The Oriental Shorthair a visually stunning cat, members of this breed tend to be exceptionally friendly and outgoing, with a fondness for nearly everyone they meet including other felines and even well-behaved dogs. The more friends, the better – in fact, while some breeds prefer solitary life, Oriental Shorthair cats enjoy living in groups!

These amazing kitties are well-suited to most families, but they do require lots of attention. Oriental Shorthair cats are highly social, and they can become depressed if left alone too often. The good news is that furry companions stave off loneliness in this breed just as well as human family members, so those who must often spend more time away at work than at home can enjoy sharing life with one of these delightful cats so long as there's a compatible pet in the home.

While Oriental Shorthair cats develop friendly feelings for multiple people, they have a tendency to choose a favorite person and spend most of their time in close contact.

About the Oriental Shorthair Cat
Image Credit: https://www.metaphoricalplatypus.com/articles/animals/cats/cat-breeds/oriental-shorthair-cat-breed-profile/
Oriental Shorthair Cat Care
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Oriental Shorthair cats have no special nutritional needs, however they benefit from a high-protein diet that includes real meat or fish as the main ingredient. Choosing a high-quality brand, offering fresh food, or providing a combination of the two is an excellent way to promote good health and longevity.

The Oriental Shorthair does an outstanding job of keeping its beautiful single layer coat neat and tidy, but you can reduce shedding even more by grooming your cat with a soft brush once or twice per week to remove any dead hairs. Afterward, polish their coat with a chamois or a silk scarf to bring out the shine.

Since Oriental Shorthair cats are extremely active, you may wish to minimize damage to your furniture by keeping your cat's claws trimmed. Teach your cat to accept trimming and toothbrushing from a young age to make these grooming processes fuss-free when they reach adulthood.

Oriental Shorthair cats are extreme athletes, with the ability to make extraordinary leaps and high jumps. They're speedy, too: these cats love to race around the house, either alone or with their favorite furry friend. If you have two Oriental Shorthair cats, you'll enjoy watching them compete!

Be sure to offer your cat at least one tall cat tree that offers a good view of the room where everyone spends the most time. Of course, they'll appreciate multiple cat trees if your home will accommodate them – otherwise, they're likely to find the highest perches they can in each room!

Scratching posts and toys are other essentials: These will help keep your cat occupied when you are not able to offer interactive play and they'll help save your belongings from becoming playthings

Oriental Shorthair cats are generally very healthy but some individuals are at an elevated risk for complications including asthma, megaesophagus, mast cell cancer, dilated cardiomyopathy, feline lower urinary tract disease, and liver amyloidosis. They can also suffer from some eye issues including progressive retinal atrophy and crossed eyes.


Oriental Shorthair cat history begins with the Siamese. It's a connection that is easy to see since the two breeds share so many similarities.

A group of New York cat breeders including Vicki and Peter Markstein, Angela Sayers, and Patricia White developed the Oriental Shorthair cat between 1971 and 1972, after noting the many beautiful and intriguing colors and patterns displayed by these cats. This small group of enthusiasts led the way for the formation of the Oriental Shorthair's International group, which was formed in 1973.

In 1976, Peter Markstein introduced the, Oriental Shorthair cat to the Cat Fanciers Association, which granted acceptance for championship status in 1977. Since then, Oriental Shorthair cats have gained recognition with a number of registries worldwide.

Oriental Shorthair Cat History
Image Credit: https://brit-petfood.com/jp/node/192521
About the Oriental Shorthair Cat


The eyes are medium size, with an almond shape. They slant towards those following the lines of the head and ears. Many Oriental Shorthair cats have green eyes rather than blue.

Legs & Paws

The Oriental Shorthair cat should have long, slim legs. The hind legs should be longer than the forelegs. The paws should be dainty and small, with an oval shape.


The tail should be long and thin, tapering to a fine point at the end.

The Breed Standard


The body is long, slim, and tube shaped. Oriental Shorthair cats should display sleek muscles and present an athletic appearance.


The head is triangular, with an elongated profile. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, while the nose is long and straight.


The Oriental Shorthair cat has very large ears that continue the lines of the head. The ears’ bases should be exceptionally wide and their tips should be finely pointed.


The coat should be short, with a fine texture. Hair should lie close to the body and should have a glossy appearance.


Many coat colors and patterns are accepted for show including solid, shaded, smoke, bicolor, parti color, pointed, and tabby. Certain breed registries have different categories for different colors and bicolor oriental shorthair cats are considered a distinct, separate breed by the UK's Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).


How much does a Oriental Shorthair cat cost?

Oriental Shorthair cats cost between $400-$2000.

How big do Oriental Shorthair cats get?

Oriental Shorthair cats tend to be medium in size. A fully grown Oriental Shorthair cat might weigh between 6 - 12 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"- 10" inches tall.

How long do Oriental Shorthair cats live?

The Average lifespan for Oriental Shorthair is 12-15 years.

Do Oriental Shorthair cats shed?

Oriental Shorthair are short-haired cats. Therefore, they do not shed as much as long-haired cat breeds.

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      1. Debbie K

        I just got owned by what I feel may be a mix breed of oriental shorthair. I have a huge feral colony here where I live and this one cat who had a totally different look to his face took a liking to me. He started coming to my door. I just tn without the release him and I’ve been trying to get him acclimated to my home with 3 other cats. He is a very lovable kitty mostly to me. He nudges me and makes biscuits on my arm. He’s very vocal at 5am haha I am curious to find out though his true dna. He has the face of these and the spynx ears aren’t so huge but are bigger and pointier than my other cats. He’s so unique to me and I love him!

  1. Steven

    The Oriental shorthair kittens start at $2000.00 (Canadain dollars). They are very active and require a lot of attention. The really do best if you have two. They play fetch and you can teach them to do tricks like use the toilet or open doors hit light switches. They are very beautiful and come im many colours with or without patterns. The patterns can range from spots like. A lepord to stipes like a zebra. The cats have many many colours too. The most rare colour is called silver. I like to say that the Oriental shorthair is a hybrid cat of the Siamese. They have big big ears with nice colourful eyes that can be blue brown green yellow. They look skinny but that’s how they should look. If I was to describe the shape of the cat id say it is like a greyhound dog. Nice long sleek nose that goes into a tube-ular body with a long tail. Very awesome cats that love to meow to you about how happy they are to see you and be with you. feel free to google search preciouspoint cattery / oriental shorthair / for more pictures of the wonderful breed.