Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist
Australian Mist
? The breed’s dominant personality traits. While each individual has a unique personality, breed-specific genetics affect qualities like sociability, playfulness, and intelligence.
Friendly, playful, affectionate, family oriented
? Where this breed was first established.
Other Names
? In addition to their official names, most breeds earn a few nicknames.
Spotted Mist
? Breeds are grouped by their size and coat type.
Medium-sized short-haired
? The typical adult height among individuals of this breed. Height is measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the front paws.
Body Length
? The typical adult body length among individuals of this breed. A cat’s length is measured from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose.
? The typical adult weight range of this cat breed.
7-14 pounds
Life Expectancy
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12-16 years
? The average price.
Affection Level
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Activity Level
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Australian Mist Personality and Temperament

The Australian Mist has the distinction of being the first pedigreed cat ever developed in Australia.

This stunning shorthair was created by crossing the Abyssinian with the Burmese. The Abyssinian contributed to the breed's lively personality and ticked coat; meanwhile, the Burmese lent its easy-going nature and softly shaded colors. Foundation cats included some domestic shorthairs, which contributed a wide range of genetics that ultimately led to the creation of a healthy cat breed that displays an incredible range of colors.

Australian Mist cats display lovely coats with an array of spotted and marbled tabby patterns. Ticked fur gives these cats a soft, shaded appearance, leading to the use of the descriptive word "mist" in the breed name.

Renowned as a loving, even-tempered cat, the Australian Mist is understandably popular in its nation of origin, and the breed is gaining even more popularity in show rings worldwide.

About the Australian Mist Cat


Australian Mist Cat Care









The Australian Mist cat has no special nutritional needs. We recommend feeding high-quality food formulated for your cat's life stage and activity level.

Groom once weekly with a fine comb or brush. Trim the nails as needed.

Australian Mist cats are moderately active. They appreciate interactive play.

There are no known inherited health problems in Australian Mist cats.


The Australian Mist cat originated in Australia in the 1970s. The cat's unique coat colors and spotted patterns led to its original name: the Spotted Mist. As the breed continue to evolve, marbled coat patterns emerged, leading to an official name change in 1998.

Australian Mist cats are widespread throughout their native country, but have yet to be widely recognized through Europe, the UK, and the US. Their good-natured personalities, general good health, and unique appearance are contributing to greater popularity outside Australia.

Australian Mist Cat History

Did You Know?

It can take up to two years for the Australian Mist to develop its coat color.

Dr. Truda Straede spent nine years creating the Australian mist and receiving official registration for the breed.

The Australian Mist is considered to be a rare cat breed. Even though it was developed in the 1970s, it is still considered to be a "new" cat breed in comparison with others.

The Breed Standard

About the Australian Mist Cat


The Australian Mist has large, lustrous eyes with straight upper lids ancurved lower lids. The eyes should be set wide apart, and should slants toward the nose. Yellow cast is acceptable in kittens and cats up to 18 months of age; adult cats may display eye color in any shade of green.

Legs & Paws

The legs should be proportionately strong, with the hind legs being slightly longer than the front legs. The paws should display a neat, oval outline. Paw pad colors should correspond with coat colors.


Their tails should be fairly thick in proportion to the rest of their bodies with minimal tapering.


The body should be of medium large length and size. The Australian Mist cat should be firm and it muscular, with a broad, round chest. The body should be heavier than it appears.


The head should be broad and of generous proportion. It should be slightly rounded with a firm chin. Channels are permitted on entire males. In profile, the nose should show a gentle dip but to no break.


Their ears should be medium to large with rounded tips, why do bases, and a slight forward tilt. The outer line of the ears should continue the modified wedge of the face.


The coat should be short and glossy with a warm undercoat and a resilient feel.


Australian Mist cats show many colors including lilac, chocolate, peach, caramel, and gold. The underside should be lighter and rufous toning should be present on the nose, cheeks, and ears. Kittens are paler than adults. Spotted tabby and marbled tabby coat patterns are acceptable, according to Australian Mist breed standards. The spots may be of any shape or size with a random pattern, with both arrowheads and rosettes permitted. The spotted tabby should show spots of any size and shape over the sides, flanks and belly. The marble tabby should show random marbling with very little bull's-eye effect and a horizontal flow wall the cat is stretched. Australian Mist cats with marbled tabby coats must also have spotted bellies. For both coat patterns, random ticking should create the appearance of a misted veil and forehead marks should form a detailed letter M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Australian Mist cat cost?

Australian Mist cats cost between $700-$1,000.

How big do Australian Mist cats get?

Australian Mist cats tend to be medium in size. A fully grown Australian Mist cat might weigh between 7-14 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8.0"-10.0" inches tall.

How long do Australian Mist cats live?

The Average lifespan for Australian Mist is 12-16 years.

Do Australian Mist cats shed?

Australian Mist are short-haired cats. Therefore, they do not shed as much as long-haired cat breeds.

8 thoughts on “Australian Mist

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Anita, while an Australian Mist cat may curve their tail slightly, a curled tail is not a part of the breed standard or a characteristic we’d expect to see from individuals of this breed.

      1. Alyse

        Do you know any breeders in California, or on the Western side of USA so we could visit or meet one. I love the description of the breeds and the pics but I’ve never meet one yet. I’m very interested please let me know. 805-304-6504 Thank you very much.


    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Australian Mist cats are moderately-built and moderately-formed in every way, so their tails are not unusually long. However, they’re also not short or stubby. An Australian Mist cat will have a long tail just like most cats.

  1. Ellen McCann

    I have an Australian Mist cat. She is a rescue from Petsmart. I didn’t know the breed even existed. I picked her simply because she needed a home. She is a great cat. She is very loving and gets along with my two rescue pit bulls. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about her breed.


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