Chantilly / Tiffany Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Breed Information

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Chantilly / Tiffany
United States
Adult weight
8-15 pounds
Life Span
11-15 years
Gentle, talkative, sociable, playful
Other Names
Foreign Longhair
Medium-sized semi-longhair
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Personality and Temperament

Sometimes called the Tiffany cat and sometimes referred to as the Chantilly cat, this unique breed has a soft, silky, semi long-haired coat and a sweet, friendly personality.

Registered Chantilly Tiffany cats are quite rare, but many medium-to-long haired domestic cats share similar characteristics in terms of personality and appearance.

Should you be fortunate enough to bring one of these kitties into your family, they’ll provide you with comforting companionship and delightfully playful antics.

About the Chantilly / Tiffany Cat
Chantilly / Tiffany Cat Care










The Chantilly Tiffany cat has no special nutritional needs and will thrive on a diet of high-quality cat food. Choose a brand with plenty of omega-3 fatty acid to promote skin and coat health.

Even though the Chantilly Tiffany cat lacks a heavy undercoat, the breed's silky hair is prone to tangling. Daily brushing is a must.

You'll also want to keep your pet's claws clipped and brush their teeth regularly. Be sure to introduce grooming routines at a young age, so that your kitty regards this type of handling as a regular part of life.

Chantilly Tiffany cats are moderately active. They enjoy playing and climbing on their own, but truly appreciate interactive play with her favorite people.

A laser pointer and a selection of teaser toys with ribbons, bells, and feathers satisfy this cat's desire to chase and capture prey. A tall cat tree will be appreciated!

Chantilly Tiffany cats tend to enjoy good health. There are no known genetic conditions.


Chantilly Tiffany cats were first introduced in 1969, when a New York breeder named Jennie Robinson crossed a pair of chocolate colored cats of unknown heritage. These cats were originally believed to be semi-longhair Burmese. Even though contemporary breeders may outcross to several different breeds including European Angoras, Abyssinians, and Havana Browns in an effort to produce Chantilly Tiffany cats, they are prohibited from outcrossing to Burmese.

When the Chantilly cat breed was first registered, its original name was foreign longhair. The breeders decided that they'd prefer something different, so they called the breed Tiffany. This produced some confusion as the British cat registry GCCF already contained a breed called Tiffany, which was a cross between a Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. The new breed was renamed Chantilly. It is normally referred to as such or as Chantilly/Tiffany.

Chantilly / Tiffany Cat History
About the Chantilly / Tiffany Cat


The eyes have an oval shape and a slightly slanted profile. Eyes are golden in color and can deepen as the cat ages.

Legs & Paws

The legs are long and slender, with rounded paws.


Chantilly Tiffany cats have well-proportioned tails with luxurious plumes.

The Breed Standard


Chantilly Tiffany cats are medium-sized, with an average weight of 8 to 12 pounds. The body displays moderate musculature.


The head is a broad wedge shape. Its contours are gently rounded. The muzzle is short and broad, lending a somewhat squared off appearance. The chin is firm and the cheekbones are high.


Chantilly Tiffany cats have medium-sized ears, often with prominent ear tufts and longer streamers or furnishings. The ears are wider at the base, and tips are well rounded.


The coat is soft, silky, and luxurious. It is of medium long length and has no undercoat. It takes approximately two years for the coat to reach its full length.


While the first Chantilly Tiffany cats were always a deep chocolate color, other colors are now acceptable including blue, fawn, cinnamon, black, and lilac. Tabby patterns are sometimes displayed.


How much does a Chantilly / Tiffany cat cost?

Chantilly / Tiffany cats cost between $300-$800.

How big do Chantilly / Tiffany cats get?

Chantilly / Tiffany cats tend to be medium in size. A fully grown Chantilly / Tiffany cat might weigh between 8-15 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"-10" inches tall.

How long do Chantilly / Tiffany cats live?

The Average lifespan for Chantilly / Tiffany is 11-15 years.

Do Chantilly / Tiffany cats shed?

Chantilly / Tiffany are long-haired cats, so you do have to expect a certain amount of shedding from this breed, but they don't shed as much as other cat breeds.

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  1. Gail Lines

    I am in desperate need of a Chantilly Tiffany cat. Prefer adult female but am open to all. I lost my sweet Cookie several months ago and I am lost without her. There is no better cat than a Chantilly. I live in Virginia and will pay for shipping or will pick up if close enough. 200 miles is no problem. Please help me

    1. Connie

      Having just lost my darling girl “ Sarah”, I know how you
      must feel right now! I hope you have found another? I too
      feel lost without her. She was my little lovebug, and sleep
      partner most of the time, very empathetic and loving.
      Best of luck and hope for better days soon.

      1. Crystal Moore

        Connie, where are you located and are you trying to get another Chantilly? I’m in TN and desperately trying to find a great home to rehome my precious girl.

    2. Julia P

      Gail Lines,
      Have you found a new baby yet? We are fostering a black Chantilly female, 5 y.o. – she’s a very sweet girl, playful and chirpy but doesn’t get along with our other cats. I really don’t want her to return to a shelter. Any way we can get in touch? Happy to share photos/ have zoom call. Julia

    3. Crystal Moore

      Gail, I live in TN and have an adult female Chantilly I’m desperately trying to rehome as she does not get along with my other cats and I have to keep her separate. It breaks my heart every day and I can tell she is getting depressed. Please contact me. I’m willing to drive to meet you. Call or text 423-946-7366

      1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

        Hi Crystal, have you tried seeking a good home for your cat on Facebook or through a local rescue organization? I would love to see you and Gail be able to work something out, but it is probably a bit of a long shot. I imagine there are many people in your local area who would be happy to take in your cat. – Mallory

        1. Crystal Moore

          I have posted on fb many times. However I only recently discovered she’s a Chantilly Tiffany and have not posted about her breed. I will keep trying. Thank you

        2. Mandi

          This breed is a landrace in our area. They keep popping up and invading people’s homes. They are both hardy and very friendly. You may want to stay in touch with the humane societies for Hamilton and Guelph, Ontario. They are often mistaken for black fluffy cats, but the lighter colored underbelly is the tell. This us a low maintenance cat, but they tend to dominate the home.

      2. Thepinch

        I live in Hamilton Ontario. CT’s are land race here and surrounding cities/towns. I highly recommend you keep track of shelters and humane societies. It may mean a drive to Ontario but adoption rates are reasonable. They like to visit homes and are often simply identified as Black cats, which are good luck for Britons and Japanese. They also don’t like other cats.

    4. Jane


      You might try SCRAPS in Spokane, WA. This is Spokane’s animal pound. They often have Chantilly kittens, but the Staff regards all of these rescued/fostered kittens as ‘Domestic Shorthairs.’ You might send them a photo of a Chantilly (with description) and they could put you on a wait-and-see list. I don’t know if they will send a kitten to you. Eastern Washington State is one of the few locations in the World where these kittens/cats show up. I fostered kittens and had a litter of three. We kept one. Our cat is a full Chantilly, with every characteristic. Years back, there was a breeder in Washington State and Canada, and who knows, but they might have had some escapees? Hope that helps!

      1. Laura Ferris

        I was lucky enough to be given a 1½ yo formerly feral Chantilly Tiffany little girl via Spokanimal in Spokane, WA. She was part of the catch-neuter-release program, & has the clipped ear to prove it. Apparently, she was so sociable that the program heads thought that she was a good candidate for adoption…and here Lily and I are, 1 year later. She’s sweet, smart as hell, and very trainable. She knows numerous words, 6 tricks, and is currently being leash trained, as I feel guilty for keeping Lily as a 100% indoor cat when she used to be feral.
        Two cautions: I’ve found Lily to be prone to depression if not played with multiple times a day, until SHE is done playing; and, she seems quick to put on weight. Whether these are C-T characteristics, I could not say, but I thought I should mention them. Either way, Lily is a prize kitty, to be sure!

      2. Sue

        I didn’t know what kind of cat I had found feral in ferry Co outside of Kettle Falls Wa in 1999. He lived til 2012 and had various skin ulcers so had to be put down. He looked like these cats! I brought him to Spokane to my 5 yr old male. They were best buddy’s as he was maybe 4 weeks when I found him. He had to be outside all day every day, even at 10 degrees. I did neuter him kinda late and I hope that is why there’s still some around at scraps.

  2. Christina

    I absolutely Love my Chantilly, Louie!
    He is my shadow!
    Wants to be held, is needy and talkative, likes to boss the dogs around, has a thing for hummus and im convinced he’s actually a little alien inside
    Hightly recommended breed for Anyone!
    Hes great with kids, dogs, travel, outside, routine changes, barely sheds at all!
    They’re kinda known not being the greatest of hunters, so act excited when your Chantilly brings you a stick, ok? Ok!

    1. Vera

      Is Louie an intact male? I have a five year old female, Ollie, who’s looking for a Chantilly-Tiffany lover. I would be happy to send pictures. Please let me know. Thank you. Vera

  3. Stephanie

    My baby girl is just the best. Sooo funny and sweet. She is almost dog like. Does tricks, plays catch and fetch.
    She just turned one and is so beautiful. That mane, wow.

  4. Derek Drysdale

    Hi I live in Australia in Victoria I got my little Cuddles from the RSPA RESCUE CENTRE FOR CATS & DOGS when she was 6 months old, she is now 8.5, year’s old, she knows from an early age how to help me when I am having a diabetic low, she screams at me and paws my arms until I wake up she has saved me 9 times in 8 years, l also have depression very bad, she again has known from an early age to help me with that, she sits on my lap and shows me so much love and snores so loudly that it makes me very happy inside and I get a warm & fuzzy feeling that helps with my depression,by the end of the day I am sort of ok, enough that my head is not so fuzzy, do if you see a cuddles on a pound she could be the one for YOU & YOU WILL JUST MIGHT HAVE TO GIVE HER S NEW HOME, KIND REGARDS DEREK.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Derek, hope you’re doing well down there in Victoria! Thank you for sharing your experience—it’s amazing that Cuddles helps you with your diabetic lows and has saved you so many times. The way she helps you with your depression is also very, very sweet. I hope that the two of you are able to stay together. All the best. – Mallory

  5. Vee

    I adopted my Chantilly Tiffany Shaquila, who I adore. I got her because I wanted my other baby to have a playmate but, it turns out that both of us need her. She is so amazing. She loves to stretch out her arms for me to pick her up like a baby as she gives hugs and kisses. So LOVE HER!!!

  6. Denise

    Hi ! I’m am French Canadian, elderly woman, from Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada….it’s near Montréal, Quebec…..Lately I’ve lost a 14 years ils Himalayen, and i still have my female Persan, and she misses hre brother very much….i’m very interested to adopt a dark female Chantilly Tiffany …..I’d Line to know thé Price of that wonderful car…….where can we reach you, is It far from my place, are you in Canada or un USA….

  7. Julia

    Gail Lines,
    Have you found a new baby yet? We are fostering a black Chantilly female, 5 y.o. – she’s a vey sweet girl, playful and chirpy but doesn’t get along with our other cats. I really don’t want her to return to a shelter. Any way we can get in touch? Happy to share photos/ have zoom call. Julia

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Julia, in order to reply to a certain commenter, you will have to click the “Reply” button directly below the comment left by the person to whom you wish to talk. I can see here that you didn’t reply directly to Gail, so she will most likely not see your reply. Also, in case you do get in touch or talk with someone who is interested in taking in your cat, I’d encourage you to have her papers on hand to make sure that you can prove this cat’s purebred status. Otherwise, she’s just a longhaired black cat. 🙂

  8. Khadijah Abdullah

    I just lost my girl Chantilly Tiffany Grayling she was 15 years old and I had her since she was a kitten brought from a pet store in Pennsylvania. She was sweet and loved my husband that was his companion and losing her really hurt him bad. She was old and had developed cancer so we knew she would not be with us long. I am now searching to find another Tiffany kitten for us .

  9. Angela Williams

    This is the best breed of cat I’ve ever owned in all my life in every cat I’ve owned she makes up in personality with all of them had combined. Good with kids, needs people not liking to be left alone for long periods of time she’s very attuned with your moods and the feeling in the room of the vibe that’s being put off and compensates accordingly. Very talkative, and not the standard meow. Highly recommend this breed!

    1. Kris MaKardikan

      Yes…does not do well…does very poorly without her chosen person(s), and becomes very attached. May want to follow you down the boulevard if you leave home on foot; will likely be waiting for you when you get home, and wanting to spend time with you. Will probably quickly learn to recognize the sound of your vehicle and run to meet you when you drive up, so watch out! Meow is always the epitome of politeness and courtesy, always restrained, never loud or obnoxious. But about that “doesn’t shed” thing: it’s flat out not true; it’s sheer propaganda. If you live in a cold climate like northwestern Canada, she’ll put on such a thick winter fur coat, she’ll appear to be as wide as she is long. By June that winter coat will be peeling away in thick, matted clumps, even with frequent regular brushing with one of those fine brushes with the densely packed hook shaped steel pins. You may need to resort to scissors to help with the thick, matted clumps she’ll be shedding, because she may have a lot of trouble with them. Your mileage may vary where the winters don’t get to -38 Celcius. And as for not being very good hunters: that’s just more false advertising. Chantilly/ Tiffanie is an active and aggressive predator, and probably better than most because of the dark colour. A bona fide, legitimate, hardcore serial killer of mice, and the occasional bird. May want to head outside when it starts getting dark, to go stalking for victims. If you’re awake a lot late at night and watch quietly and discreetly, you’ll likely notice that she’ll have certain favourite stalking/ ambush locations staked out. If you’re an early bird and you step outside to have a smoke and a coffee sometime between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning, she might even bring you a half-dead and dying mouse, or just go trotting on by you with one in her mouth. Queens bring these things to their kittens to teach them how to hunt. Remember: when the cat brings you a mutilated and dying critter, whether it’s a bird, a mouse, or some sort of humungous butterfly you’ve never seen before, it’s because she cares about you; she’s making sure you have a chance to learn hunting skills, too. So, especially if it’s mangled and dying, but not dead yet, accept it in the spirit that it’s given. Unless she decides to get rid of the body afterwards herself, you can wrap it up in a bit of fabric and place it in one of those little wooden boxes from the Dollar Store and bury it at the far corner of the garden, or in the flower bed in the front yard. My Dad just drops them in the trash bin, but I think that’s sort of cold and callous.

      1. Nikki

        You described my cat Gus perfectly. He greets me at my door whenever I come home. I believe he hears me pull up. He loves purring, kneading and even sleeps on me. This might be odd but he’s even into my hair lol. He likes playing in it and smelling it.

        I have a female tabby that is smaller. They get along well but he is definitely more needy altho she can be at times he seems to need more attention or cause more problems for me. He will play rough sometimes and is dominant but not overly. She can beat him sometimes at fights too! But despite being adopted siblings they love each other just like real ones.

  10. Dess B.

    I am desperately looking for this cat. This cat has approached me spiritually and I know this one is for me. I really hope someone blesses me with finding one. I’ve never truly had a pet before.

  11. Tabby

    My cat lily was a rescue cat at 6 yrs. J have just found out she is in fact a chantilly- Tiffany, & she’s soo vocal, and I tune with the general mood of the house Besf cat j have ever had the delight to live with. Really interesting reading other people experiences with this breed .

  12. Chris Parr

    For those who can make it to NYC, we are trying to re-home our rescue Chantilly-Tiffany. She’s a gorgeous black female between 2 and 3 y.o., very curious and playful. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get along with our cats and it’s causing a lot of stress for everybody. Would love her to go to a home where she can thrive as the only pet. Please only serious pet lovers, who will appreciate this breed. 847-256-7717 or [email protected]

  13. Catherine

    I rescued a female Chantilly from a neighbor who died suddenly and the family abandoned her. She is amazing. Approximately 2-3 years old. So playful and affectionate and a good escape artist. Her previous owner let he run amok inside and outside, but I will not let her out unless she has her harness and leash on, for it is too dangerous. I live in Phoenix and while I have fallen in love with her and she loves me, I am not ready to have another pet. I lost my 2 dogs and 2 cats over the years and selfishly do not want to through the heartache again.

  14. Nikki

    This is crazy that I rescued a chantilly tiffany by accident! I adopted him from a local rescue and had no idea he was from such a rare breed. Everything checks out: chocolate color long hair soft silky he even chirps..the only thing that differs is that he’s very shy/scared of people until he gets around them enough. But that could also be because he was a rescue. When he passes (which hopefully won’t be for many years) i will be on the hunt for another! Remember the film “Gremlins?” He reminds me of Gizmo lol.

  15. Ricky

    I adopted “Po” from a shelter In Sarasota, Fl. She is solid black and I think she has to be one of these cats. I gave her a birthdate of Mar. 1, 2023. She is very affectionate and vocal. I have read that they are not known for their trainability, which worries me, but for only being 4 months old she walks pretty good on a leash and has learned that my shoulder is a safe place to perch. I would like to hear from others who have tried to train their Chantilly’s [email protected] Overall she is a delight and has really added to my quality of life.


  16. Lonna Kiste

    I am looking for a black or cocoa chantilly cat. My Chantilly black cat passed away in October. I’m devastated and I need another cat. I want one just like her if anybody knows of anyone that has this particular kind of cat which is a wonderful cat you can’t ask for a better cat please contact me.