Singapura Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Breed Information

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7"- 8"
Adult weight
4-9 pounds
Life Span
12-13 years
Personable, curious, attentive, intelligent
Other Names
Drain Cat, Kucinta, Love Cat
Small short-haired
$1500 - $2000
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Personality and Temperament

If you've ever found yourself wishing for a tiny cat, the Singapura might be ideal. These adorable kitties stay small throughout adulthood, weighing an average of just four to eight pounds. With quiet voices to match their small stature, Singapura cats have large ears and wide eyes that add even more charm to their kitten-like appearance.

At first glance, the Singapura has a somewhat delicate look; but underneath that soft, silky coat, you'll find stout muscles that give this cat impressive athletic ability. Speaking of looks, Singapura cats have an exotic appearance, with beautiful cheetah lines on their faces and unique ticked coats in a soft sepia tone. Lighter cream-colored fur provides contrast along the belly, chest, muzzle, and chin.

Singapura cats have beautiful personalities, too. While not terribly mischievous, these kitties are curious, playful, and intelligent, capable of learning tricks, and able to get along well with other pets including cats and well-behaved dogs. They're also known for their ability to make friends with newcomers faster than the average cat.

As if all these wonderful traits weren’t enough, these adorable kitties take every opportunity to snuggle. Once naptime has come to an end, they enjoy following their favorite person around the house, sometimes offering advice in a tiny, melodic voice. Like other people-oriented cats, Singapuras don't like to spend too much time alone. Luckily, any form of company – human or animal – helps prevent boredom and the destructive behaviors that can sometimes result. With plenty of attention and lots of love, the Singapura makes a charming companion for life.

About the Singapura Cat
Singapura Cat Care
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Singapura cats do not have any special nutritional needs, however they can be prone to obesity later in life. If you are not feeding fresh food, we recommend offering a high-quality commercial brand that provides plenty of protein and minimal carbohydrates. It's best to look for food that features real meat or fish as the main ingredient.

Thanks to its short coat, the Singapura cat requires very little in terms of grooming. Although it's not necessary, you might want to brush your cat once or twice per week to remove any loose hair and help cut back on shedding. Regular brushing also reduces the likelihood of hairballs.

Since Singapura cats are playful and highly active, you might want to keep their toenails trimmed. In addition, consider brushing your cat's teeth to reduce the likelihood of periodontal disease.

Singapura cats may be small, but they are exceptional athletes, with the ability to make long jumps and take high leaps. These cats do best in an environment that supports activity, so be sure to provide a tall cat tree, at least one scratching post, and plenty of toys. Since the Singapura cat is highly intelligent, be sure to provide them with items that allow for mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys.

Singapuras retain their playful, kittenish nature well into adulthood. You won't have to provide too much encouragement; in fact, these kitties will spend hours happily enjoying their favorite toys - and whichever small objects they happen to find lying around the house!

Singapura cats are generally healthy, however some individuals have pyruvate kinase deficiency. Also known as PKD, this is a heritable disease that is caused by an enzyme deficiency that can lead to hemolytic anemia. With proper care, cats with PKD are often capable of living comfortable lives.


Believe it or not, Singapura cats are descendants of shelter pets including at least one so-called “Drain cat” from Singapore. The story goes like this: A pair of cat aficionados named Hal and Tommy Meadow found a few of their first six foundation cats in Singapore, where this natural breed is known as the Drain Cat. These cats were small, with brown ticked tabby coats that are common throughout Southeast Asia.

Feline geneticists surmise that these kitties share some ancestry with Siamese, Abyssinian, and Burmese cats. This isn't just a guess: In 2008, a DNA study showed little to no difference between Singapura and Burmese cats.

The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted the Singapura for registration in 1979. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) granted the Singapura official recognition in 1982, and granted championship status in 1988.

Today, Singapura cats enjoy worldwide recognition. In Singapore, they have been elevated to national treasure status. There, Singapura cats are nicknamed Kucinta, which translates to "Love Cat" or "The one I love."

Singapura Cat History
About the Singapura Cat


The Singapura cat has large, almond shaped eyes with a subtle slant. The eyes are set at least one eye width apart. Yellow, green, and hazel eyes are preferred; no other color is permitted for show.

Legs & Paws

The legs are strong, heavy, and well muscled. There is a distinct taper at the ankles. The feet should be small ovals.


The Singapura has a slender tail with a blunt tip. When laid along the cat's torso, the tail should come almost to the shoulder.

The Breed Standard


The body is small to medium, muscular and stocky. Singapura cats weigh an average of 4 to 8 pounds.


The head is rounded, with a pronounced whisker break, a medium-short broad muzzle, a firm chin, and a blunt nose.


The ears are large, with wide bases, slight points at the tips, and deep cups.


The coat is fine, with a silky texture. The hairs are very short, and lie close to the body.


All Singapura cats are sepia agouti colored, with ticked hairs that contribute to the signature soft brown tone. Nose leather is a ruddy salmon color, and paw pads are a rosy brown.


How much does a Singapura cat cost?

Singapura cats cost between $1500 - $2000.

How big do Singapura cats get?

Singapura cats tend to be small in size. A fully grown Singapura cat might weigh between 4-9 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 7"- 8" inches tall.

How long do Singapura cats live?

The Average lifespan for Singapura is 12-13 years.

Do Singapura cats shed?

Singapura are short-haired cats. Therefore, they do not shed as much as long-haired cat breeds.

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  1. Linda R. Meredith

    I have one of this breed. A darling sweet cat. I have to leave her alone with someone to look in on her a lot. I wish I could find a loving home for her. I love her though, It will be difficult to part with her. She weighs a little over 7 lbs. I also have a large male feral cat. I wish I could find a home for them time.