Kefir The Maine Coon Cat Has A Purrsonality As Big As Him

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Maine Coon cats are beloved by many for their impressive size, magnificent coats, and outgoing personalities. And because of these amazing traits, it’s easy to see why they’re adored by many cat lovers across the globe.

For one very large Maine Coon cat out of Stary Oskol, Russia, he’s created quite a buzz on social media due to his impressive size and silly cat antics. We caught up with his loving cat mom, Yuliya Minina, and she shared with us about what makes her giant kitty so special.

Maine Coon Kefir

How did you choose his name?

Such a funny name was given to the cat by my children because of the color.

How old is he now and how much does he weigh?

Kefir turned 2 years old on March 3, 2022. They say Maine coons grow up to 3-4 years old. Now he weighs about 14 kg (equal to 30lbs).

How do others react when they meet him?

Absolutely everyone who sees Kefir for the first time thinks that it’s not a cat, but a dog. It looks especially funny when I walk with him. Last year we were given a harness (leash) for walking and we love to walk with him! Therefore, we are not planning to get a dog yet … Kefir replaces both a dog and a cat for us.

How would you describe his personality?

In fact, our cat is only outwardly so brutal, but in fact very modest and affectionate! He is often offended, like a child, if we drive him away from the kitchen table. By the way, he likes to lie on the table very much, and he also likes to lie on me. But since he is very heavy, we have to shift it, Another of the features of Kefir is that he likes to have dinner with us at the table. He even has his own chair. He sits just like a man. Therefore, we perceive him as a full-fledged member of the family!😁

If you want to see more of this supersized Maine Coon cat, follow him on Instagram and keep up with him on TikTok. We’d like to give thanks to Kefir’s cat mom for letting us share his story with the fans. We hope you enjoyed learning about this big boy with loads of purrsonality!

Kefir the Maine Coon

Image credits: Instagram & TikTok

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