5 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes for Messy Cats

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Our Review Process

Our reviews are based on extensive research and, when possible, hands-on testing. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. Read more about how we’re supported here.

Cats have a reputation for being pretty clean. When it comes to litter boxes, however, even the tidiest cats sometimes have issues keeping everything nice and neat.

High-sided litter boxes help keep litter scatter and urine spray inside the box where the mess belongs. Here are our recommendations for the best high-sided cat litter boxes you can buy.

At a Glance: 5 Best High-Sided Cat Litter Boxes

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Want a quick look at the products reviewed in this article? In the comparison table below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important features of each product. You’ll find more detailed information about each product later in the article.

Overall Best
Picked by 31 people today!

Modkat XL Litter Box

  • Top- or front-entry configurable
  • Reusable liner and custom scoop
  • Helps contain litter scatter and urine spray
Budget Pick
Picked by 31 people today!

Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box

  • Tall 10-inch sides contain litter box mess
  • Modestly priced around $20
  • Sturdy base and reinforced rim
Premium Pick
Picked by 25 people today!

iPrimio Stainless-Steel Litter Box

  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Resists rust, stains, scratches, and odor
  • Removable rim adds 6 inches of height
Best For Tight Spaces
Picked by 21 people today!

SmartCat Corner Litter Box

  • Triangular shape conserves floor space
  • Affordably priced under $20
  • Durable plastic resin construction
Best Self-Cleaning
Picked by 18 people today!

Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litter Box

  • Affordable alternative to electric self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Roll to filter litter and collect waste
  • Helps contain litter scatter and urine spray

Why Should You Trust Us?

Over the last three years, we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what it takes to make a great litter box.

We’ve researched the types of litter boxes available, read hundreds of customer reviews, and performed real-world tests on over a dozen top boxes. We spent over 40 hours testing these litter boxes’ sturdiness, cat-friendliness, and ability to prevent sticking and litter scatter.

In addition to research and testing, we consulted with several veterinarians to get their take on which litter boxes work best and are the most effective for cats.

Based on this extensive research and hands-on testing, we’ve selected the 5 products described below as the best high-sided litter boxes you can buy.

Our Veterinary Advisors

#1 Overall Best: Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry Configurable

Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry Configurable

If you’re struggling to find solutions for a cat who likes to dig or spray, the Modkat XL is one of the best options we’ve found. Enclosed litter boxes – especially top-entry models — are ideal for tracking and scatter control, but not every cat feels comfortable with them.

While the Modkat XL is technically an enclosed litter box, it is configurable for two entry/exit points, so your cat won’t feel trapped. Whether you use the front or the top door, the almost-cubical design of the box keeps litter and litter box mess well contained.

To reduce tracking, the front entry has a litter-catching step, and the lid of the box is perforated with holes. Both features help remove litter from your cat’s paws, encouraging it to fall back into the litter box as your cat makes their exit.

The Modkat XL is a little more spacious than some top-entry litter boxes, measuring 21.3 inches wide by 17.3 inches deep and 16.5 inches high. The box also comes with a custom scoop and reusable liners to make cleanup quick and easy.


  • Two points of entry to suit different needs
  • Includes a reusable liner and custom scoop
  • Perforated lid doubles as a litter mat to reduce tracking
  • Stylish and modern design


  • Expensive, priced over $150
  • May be too small for very large cats

#2 Budget Pick: Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box

While our top pick will cost you over $150, you don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune to enjoy scatter control. This high-sided litter box from Frisco is modestly priced around $20 and it does a good job of containing litter scatter and urine spray.

The Frisco high-sided litter box is generously sized with 10-inch sides, so even big cats will feel less cramped than they would in a typical litter pan.

The box is durably constructed from recyclable BPA-free plastic. Because it doesn’t have a seam running down the middle, the base is nice and sturdy which makes a difference when it’s full of litter. The top of the box is reinforced to hold its shape and to make carrying easier.

Though the sides of this litter box stand 10 inches tall, there’s a lowered entry point for improved accessibility. It’s still 5.6 inches off the ground, however, so it may not be ideal for older cats and cat with mobility issues.


  • Tall 10-inch sides help contain scatter and spray
  • Modestly priced around $20
  • Strong, sturdy base with no middle seam
  • Reinforced rim for easy carry


  • Lowered entry may still be too high for some cats
  • Takes up a significant amount of floor space

#3 Premium Pick: iPrimio Stainless-Steel Litter Box

Plastic litter boxes are inexpensive but they tend to scratch, stain, and accumulate odor. The iPrimio stainless-steel litter box is a pricier pick but it offers numerous features that help reduce litter box mess.

This litter box is generously sized, measuring 23.5 inches long by 15.5 inches wide with 7.5-inch sides. It’s made from durable stainless steel with rubber feet to keep it from sliding around. For added protection against litter scatter and urine spray, it comes with a removable topper that adds another 6 inches of height to three of the four sides.

Not only does this litter box reduce mess by keeping urine and litter inside the box where it belongs, but the stainless-steel materials resist stains, rust, and odor. The box also features rounded interior corners to help keep dirty litter from getting stuck.

There’s a lot to love about this iPrimio litter box but you’ll pay a premium for it. With the addition of the 6-inch topper, it costs about $75. It’s also important to note that, with or without the topper, the entry is 7.5 inches off the ground which may be difficult for some cats to manage.


  • Made from durable stainless-steel materials
  • Includes a removable topper that adds 6 inches of height
  • Resists rust, stains, and scratches
  • Rounded interior corners help keep litter from getting stuck


  • May be difficult for kittens and older cats to access
  • Expensive, priced around $75

#4 Best for Tight Spaces: SmartCat Corner Litter Box

If you’re living in an apartment or a small home where floor space is limited, a corner litter box might be a viable solution. The SmartCat corner litter box was designed for just this purpose.

This triangular litter box is constructed from durable plastic resin, so it won’t bend under the weight of heavy litter. The rolled rim adds reinforcement and gives you something to hold on to if you need to carry the litter box to another location.

With 8-inch sides, this litter box helps control scatter and urine spray a little better than traditional litter pans, though it still has a dropped entry for accessibility.

Because the box is triangular rather than rectangular, the litter bed space ends up being a little smaller. It may not be an appropriate choice for large cats.


  • Fits in a corner to conserve floor space
  • Modestly priced under $20
  • High 8-inch sides may help contain litter scatter
  • Durable plastic resin holds up under heavy litter


  • Triangular design limits interior litter bed space
  • May not be appropriate for large cats

#5 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litter Box

When you think about self-cleaning litter boxes, expensive electric models like the Litter-Robot 4 probably come to mind. While automatic litter boxes certainly have their advantages, they’re not practical or affordable for every cat owner.

The Omega Paw Roll’N Clean is a low-tech alternative that reduces litter box maintenance at a modest price point.

To clean the litter box, you simply tilt it on its side. The contents of the litter box slide over a perforated insert which separates clumps and waste from the clean litter. When you return the litter box to its original position, waste is deposited in a removable tray and clean litter returns to the litter bed for reuse.

While this litter box has high sides and covered design that helps control tracking and scatter, some cats don’t like enclosed spaces. The Omega Paw Roll’N Clean also may not be appropriate for large cats.


  • Modestly priced alternative to electric self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Roll to filter the litter and collect waste
  • Slide-out tray makes it easy to dispose of dirty litter
  • Enclosed design helps control litter scatter and urine spray


  • May not be appropriate for large cats
  • Some cats don’t enjoy the enclosed design
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5 thoughts on “5 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes for Messy Cats

  1. Denise

    Just wanted let everyone know I have used this litterbox for years with 2 different cats that were 17lbs and 20lbs they liked it just fine and was big enough for them. plus keeps litter in box and space saving.


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