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Every year, cat owners throw away hundreds of pounds of used cat litter. Even though traditional clay litter is technically made from natural materials, it isn’t flushable or completely eco-friendly. All-natural cat litter is a different story.

Made from a variety of different materials, natural cat litter is an environmentally friendly option that, in some cases, offers many of the same benefits as traditional clay litter. Feline Pine is one of the top brands of all-natural cat litter, offering two formulas made from reclaimed lumber.

No new trees are cut to make Feline Pine’s products, and the litter is completely sustainable. If you’re looking to experience natural cat litter for yourself, give it a try!


  • Variety of Products – 1/5
  • Price Per Pound – 4/5
  • Multi-Cat Formulas – 2/5
  • Clumping Ability – 3/5
  • Long-Lasting Odor Control – 3/5
  • Natural/Alternative Options – 5/5

Overall Score: 3/5

How We Tested:

  • We purchased 3 of the best cat litters Feline Pine Cat Litter has to offer
  • We spent a few weeks testing the cat litters on several cats
  • We did not receive these product in exchange for a favorable review, they were purchased with our own money

Brand Overview

The Feline Pine brand was launched in 1992 as a healthy solution for both cats and their owners. The brand was inspired by the lumber industry and, after testing several substrates, the Southern Yellow Pine was chosen.

This material was found to be quick at absorbing moisture and strong in neutralizing odors. One carload at a time, the Feline Pine brand grew to what it is today – a nationally-recognized brand of all-natural cat litter.

When it comes to being eco-friendly, Feline Pine doesn’t just think about their products.

The company itself follows a philosophy they call the “Pine Promise,” which includes the following tenets:

  • Respect all living things, especially animals and pets, because they rely on us.
  • Embrace a corporate duty to respect the environment and our precious natural resources.
  • Focus on product quality and customer satisfaction.

With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Feline Pine has limited their manufacture to two products – one clumping and one non-clumping cat litter. Both are made from 100% natural pine materials, though the clumping formula has added clumping agents and mineral oil for dust control.

Products Included in This Review
Name Materials Clumping? Life Stage Additional Features
Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter Pine Yes All Clumping, Unscented, Odor Control, Clay-Free
Feline Pine Original Cat Litter Pine No All Non-Clumping, Unscented, Odor Control, Clay-Free

What Kinds Of Litter Does The Brand Offer?

Feline Pine currently offers two cat litter formulas, both made from all-natural pine materials. The Original formula is a non-clumping formula consisting of large granules while the second formula is a clumping formula consisting of fine sawdust-like flakes.

Both Feline Pine cat litter formulas offer the following benefits:

  • Neutralizing odors on contact
  • Made from reclaimed pine lumber
  • Low in dust and lightweight
  • No harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes
  • Highly absorbent, binding to ammonia odors

Given these product claims, you might be led to believe that Feline Pine performs in a similar way to traditional clay litter. As you’ll see in reading this review, however, Feline Pine, unfortunately, falls short of meeting some of these promises in full.

The two formulas we’re reviewing here are the only two formulas Feline Pine has to offer.

Top 2 Cat Litters Reviewed

Product Name Type Price Overall Rating
Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter Non-Clumping $1 per lb 3/5
Feline Pine Original Cat Litter Clumping $0.53 per lb 2.75/5

#1 Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter (1)

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This Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter is designed to be a natural alternative to traditional clumping clay cat litters. It is still made from all-natural materials (100% pine) but has clumping agents added along with mineral oil to help reduce dust.

The granules are very fine, almost like sawdust, so there was some dust when pouring, but it settled very quickly and didn’t seem to be a problem when the cats were using the litter box. The litter absorbed urine odor fairly well, thanks to the natural pine scent, but it wasn’t as effective with solid waste.

In terms of clumping, Feline Pine isn’t as strong as other all-natural cat litters we’ve tried. It does form clumps that can be scooped with a regular litter scoop, but they may not stay together as well as clay litter clumps.

Clumps are prone to falling apart, which might leave tiny nuggets behind in the litter box – it may be easier to simply change the entire box every few days. We also found that the odor control didn’t last as long as clay litter, which increased the need to change the box more frequently.

In testing this cat litter, we were very interested to see how it would perform compared to other natural litters.

We found that this natural pine litter absorbed liquid fairly quickly and formed well-defined clumps. The problem occurred when it was time to scoop those clumps because they remained somewhat soft and broke apart without careful handling.

We also found that the litter tended to stick to the bottom of the box if it soaked through too quickly before being absorbed.

Category Rating
Price 3/5
Clumping Action 3/5
Odor Control 3/5
Dust/Mess 3/5
Scent 3/5
Easy to Scoop 3/5
Overall Rating 3/5

Pros Of This Feline Pine Cat Litter:

  • Made from all-natural pine materials, biodegradable and sustainable
  • Quickly soaks up liquid to control ammonia odors
  • Clay-free with no added fragrance or dyes

Cons Of This Feline Pine Cat Litter:

  • Clumps aren’t as hard as with clay litter, may break apart
  • Litter may stick to the bottom of the litter box

This litter comes in an 8-pound and 14-pound bag. This particular formula is made from natural pine materials instead of clay, so it is more lightweight than the average litter.

#2 Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter (1)

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This Feline Pine Original Cat Litter comes in large granules that, according to the brand, work like tiny sponges to absorb liquid and lock away ammonia odors.

In testing, we found that the granules did indeed soak up liquid very quickly – so quickly that it was hard to tell which part of the litter box had been used even 30 seconds later. The litter did a decent job controlling urine odor, but customer reviews state that the odor control is less effective for solid waste.

In addition to being all-natural, this Feline Pine Original formula is very low dust. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that it is also low mess. The large granules are too big and heavy to track, but once they get wet, they tend to break down.

When this happens, they can stick to the bottom and sides of the litter box and may track outside the litter box as well. There was, however, virtually no dust at all when pouring the litter into the pan.

In reading customer reviews for this cat litter, there were a fair number of reviews stating that the cat simply didn’t like the product and refused to use the box. Our test cats can be finicky about alternative litters, particularly ones with very large granules.

They had no problem using the litter for liquid waste but preferred traditional clay litter for solid waste. We were concerned about the litter’s ability to control odor for solid waste because it doesn’t clump and, unfortunately, weren’t able to test this.

Category Rating
Price 5/5
Clumping Action 0/5
Odor Control 3/5
Dust/Mess 2/5
Scent 4/5
Easy to Scoop 2/5
Overall Rating 2.75/5

Pros Of This Feline Pine Cat Litter:

  • Natural pine scent helps to control litter box odors
  • Made from all-natural materials with no fragrance or additives
  • Very absorbent, soaks up liquid quickly

Cons Of This Feline Pine Cat Litter:

  • Doesn’t clump, may not contain solid waste odors as well
  • Granules may fall apart when wet, can be messy to clean up

This litter comes in a 7-pound, 20-pound, and 40-pound bag. This particular formula is made from natural pine materials instead of clay, so it is more lightweight than the average litter.

What Do Customers Think of Feline Pine Cat Litter?

The Original Feline Pine cat litter formula has almost a 90% rate of recommendation from users with a 71% 5-star rating on Chewy. The clumping formula, on the other hand, has only a 70% recommendation rating and 44% of the reviews are 5 stars. There are both good and bad reviews for the brand online, and for each product, so it is up to you to make your own decision. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

Positive Customer Reviews for Feline Pine Cat Litter

“I would highly recommend this kitty litter to anyone. It clumps well, so clean up is easy, and the fresh pine smell cannot be beat. I really like that it is 100% natural. We tried another kitty litter, and our poor cat got an infection because she refused to use the litter box. So we will not be using any other kind, but Feline Pine. We really like ordering it through Chewy.com. Easy and convenient.”Catt, Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

“I’ve been using Feline Pine for over 10yrs. It is the only litter I will ever purchase for my cat, and in fact, if you have multiple cats, this is absolutely, positively the litter should be purchasing. Unlike clay litter or the horrible scoopable litter – this litter is biodegradable, with the bonus that pine naturally absorbs urine odor. One cup of litter lasts for over 9 days! When done, simply take it outside and use it as mulch for your plants…DO NOT PUT ON VEGGIES OR EDIBLES, but the rest of your plants will thank you!”TaraB, reviewing Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Negative Customer Reviews for Feline Pine Cat Litter

“I’ve been using the non-clumping version of this litter for over a decade and decided to try the clumping version because I want to get an automatic litter box soon and the original feline pine is not compatible with them. Anyway, this litter was a disappointment and does not seem to clump at all. Since it is impossible to scoop the peed-on litter out since it isn’t clumped and just mixes in with the dry litter when you try to remove it, I just threw out the whole box full of litter because it was just half used and smelled strongly of pee. I was disappointed I could not buy a bigger value bag like you can with the original version but am so glad now since the rest of the bag is going to waste. Completely useless.”Rachel, Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

“I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative to litter since my cat’s been sneezing more and not always wanting to stand in the litter box and going next to it a little. Put this litter in his box then put my cat on there twice, and he jumped out each time looking at me with the look to say… what the …. Then he jumped into his other litter box, and I have yet to see him use it. Second day of use I came home and there was a big pile of poop right next to the box, so I think that’s beyond a clear message. Sorry I can’t recommend.”Cindy, reviewing Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

How Much Does Feline Pine Cat Litter Cost?

Many natural cat litters are more expensive than traditional clay litters, but Feline Pine is surprisingly affordable, depending which formula you choose.

The original formula costs under $0.50 per pound and comes in a wide range of bag sizes. The clumping litter, on the other hand, costs just over $1.00 per pound, making it a little more expensive than most clay litters, but it is still affordable for a natural litter.

Overall, Is Feline Pine Cat Litter A Good Choice?

We wish we had more positive things to say about Feline Pine because it is a great product, in theory. The idea behind all-natural cat litter is sound, and there are many natural cat litter brands out there that use wood materials successfully.

Unfortunately, the execution with these products leaves something to be desired for both recipes. If you have your heart set on a natural cat litter that acts like traditional clay litter, you may want to look elsewhere.

One thing to be mindful of with this brand is that pine has a fairly strong natural scent to it. This scent may be too strong for some cats, particularly when used in covered cat litter boxes. You should also know that pine materials are not safe for small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits because they can irritate the respiratory system. Do not use this litter in anything other than a cat litter box.  

Feline Pine cat litter is a great idea. It is made from reclaimed materials, making it both sustainable and eco-friendly. The problem is that it simply doesn’t offer the same benefits as traditional clay litter or even other natural cat litters. If sustainability and eco-friendliness are your primary concern, however, you may be able to settle for slightly lesser performance.

Where Is Feline Pine Cat Litter Sold?

Feline Pine Cat Litter is sold online and in pet stores. You can find it for sale from online retailers like Chewy and Amazon as well as big box stores like Walmart and Target as well as local and national pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco.

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