UK Kitty Cat Named Oddity Olive Has The Most Amazing Eyes Ever

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Every once in a while, you will see a kitty cat online that makes you do a double-take. And this is especially true when it comes to cats with a pair of different colored eyes.

Now, you may have witnessed some truly remarkable odd-eyed cats in your day, but what about a kitty with sectoral heterochromia—meaning each eye is two different colors?

They do exist—and one petite white feline across the pond is living proof of it. Some have speculated that her eyes are a thing of fiction, but we assure you, they are very real and equally marvelous.

If you have yet to see Oddity Olive, you are in for a treat. We caught up with her devoted cat mum to see about sharing her stories and images for you to enjoy. So, get to know this remarkable feline with eyes that are sure to mesmerize you. Enjoy!

Oddity OliveHow Did You Meet Olive?

I got Olive off a pet selling site. Her dad was a Havana Brown cat; her mum was a petite white cat who also had odd-colored eyes.

How Did You Think Of Her Name?

I named her after my mother. It was her middle name and she absolutely hated it. Nobody knew she had one.

Does Her Sectoral Heterochromia Affect Her Vision?

She has perfect vision and hearing too.

How Would You Describe Her Personality?

She’s a bit of a weirdo. She loves to fuss, scratches belly rubs, etc but does not like to be picked up and kissed (she tells me off) and sounds like Marg off the Simpson’s. She will sit on my knee no problem.

How Old Is She Now?

She will be 6 on the 1st of May but she only looks about 8 months old because she’s a tiny tot.

What’s Something Special You’d Like For Others To Know About Olive?

I don’t think there’s anything special about her really (just the fact she’s mine) or I’m hers whichever way you look at it.

Oddity Olive Oddity Olive

Want to see more of this absolutely beautiful cat?

Thankfully, you can! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her cute cat antics, and check her out over on TikTok, too! We’d also like to thank Olive’s cat mum for taking the time to answer our questions about her unique kitty, we hope you enjoyed learning all about this special feline with dazzling eyes.

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